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D&T2017-06-13.MK219.flac16 (Matt Hucul)

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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
June 13, 2017
DTE Energy Music Theatre
Clarkston, MI

Taper: Matt Hucul (Carter41)
Source: Oktava MK219 (X/Y @ 17') > Battery Box > iRiver h120 (Rockbox) @ 44.1khz
Location: Section LTC3, Row J, Seats 17 and 18
Conversion: iRiver h120 > Adobe Audition (editing) >
CDwave v1.98 > Trader's Little Helper (at level 6)

Track | Name | Time (m:s)
d1t01 Intro 01:20.13
d1t02 Ants Marching 05:49.39
d1t03 Stay or Leave 05:14.24
d1t04 Samurai Cop 05:34.16
d1t05 Grace is Gone 04:34.70
d1t06 Worried Man Blues 04:38.36
d1t07 Warehouse 10:34.07
d1t08 Bismark 05:02.02
d1t09 Bartender 08:35.69
d1t10 Satellite 04:47.67

Disc 1 Total: 56:11.43

d2t01 Dreaming TrYee 07:20.44
d2t02 Why I Am 04:07.59
d2t03 Corn Bread 05:57.20
d2t04 You Are My Sanity* 06:44.46
d2t05 Virginia in the Rain 05:49.41
d2t06 Two Step 09:51.30
d2t07 What Would You Say 04:14.12
d2t08 Spoon 05:36.50
d2t09 Funny the Way It Is 06:21.19

Disc 2 Total: 56:04.46

d3t01 Crush 07:52.60
d3t02 Beatles Improv (I Want You)* 05:21.65
d3t03 #41 05:24.01
d3t04 So Damn Lucky 04:35.34
d3t05 Rapunzel 06:13.25
d3t06 Jimi Thing 10:38.10
d3t07 The Space Between 05:03.29
d3t08 Grey Street 04:11.23
d3t09 Dancing Nancies 08:11.39

Disc 3 Total: 57:31.61

* Tim Reynolds solo
- Disc splits are purely for the sake of tradition.
- Feel free to convert this tape to the lossy format of your choice.
Streaming and video websites have my permission to use this tape as well.
We all know where to get the lossless version of the tape.

Compiled by Matt Hucul (hucul1mj@cmich.edu) on 06/14/17

d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d1t01.flac:7e0ecea5a3d0d89bef920a2852593c ee
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d1t02.flac:04db38472f2d132f608989326cc87b 25
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d1t03.flac:cf41c527a7158dcf85052634174bb4 82
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d1t04.flac:8e06839a73b6fbdc55715645350ed3 36
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d1t05.flac:87eca080359470f4ae9e6cb47b88d8 df
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d1t06.flac:effd559eac8524d6e0c8ed290d8f85 7c
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d1t07.flac:4146528808c13dc10f5ec0a209201b 4a
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d1t08.flac:2022cfbb5f49f74fbeebf7a7be7033 61
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d1t09.flac:a2f50a611fbf8049ef5046bf8cfe00 36
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d1t10.flac:3e8caefec3e841471ec2f41aae98fe 9c
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d2t01.flac:f6c86a3bb1d4fcea5d0c7dfbe650d1 49
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d2t02.flac:633ab7bb48a39d6d5c9dd1c6d4ab93 8b
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d2t03.flac:68efc0354275fdecfffde8a1bc6bae 7a
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d2t04.flac:4742bed47a862c6449e345ce6f86ae 74
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d2t05.flac:826b49acdc8a539e785cfacccffd3e 2d
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d2t06.flac:271a0a279d7d499fdd8343fb6e4c33 d1
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d2t07.flac:388c7c414500728e8c0c84d9f2ed71 3c
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d2t08.flac:4f72294e0c7ee3c6ea923aa8c864ee 26
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d2t09.flac:c2388f95f19fed9a43f52553a9b361 89
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d3t01.flac:4bf2439b433a821b529cc5300b7ff7 f4
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d3t02.flac:057dbdbedc47491512fed8bc85f830 3c
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d3t03.flac:4fb63836f24feb0d01c8fff19a6792 ba
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d3t04.flac:35574e267ad0f035ec5044242f06ec 89
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d3t05.flac:1fc69dc123800e6c7aaf2b02df2a83 13
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d3t06.flac:03a1d2b2b053f90c6e93846381e66e 49
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d3t07.flac:eb894d4f4851ec76d6a26d0c6a1280 cd
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d3t08.flac:104f80d44ae8caa3ba93987d679ca2 1c
d+t2017-06-13.mk219.d3t09.flac:03bd9732d5527424d9a76d2810af06 57

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: D&T2017-06-13.MK219.flac16 (Matt Hucul)

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    Re: D&T2017-06-13.MK219.flac16 (Matt Hucul)

    Thanks for posting this! I'm trying to download the show, but utorrent just keeps saying "finding peers"
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    Re: D&T2017-06-13.MK219.flac16 (Matt Hucul)

    Thanks, Matt! Great recording as always!
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    Re: D&T2017-06-13.MK219.flac16 (Matt Hucul)

    won't load -- "not valid bancoding" Any help please? I'd love to hear this one again!

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    Re: D&T2017-06-13.MK219.flac16 (Matt Hucul)

    Disregard--got it to work somehow. Thank you Matt for taping and sharing, sounds great!
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    Re: D&T2017-06-13.MK219.flac16 (Matt Hucul)

    much appreciated!
    Originally Posted by DeepTrax View Post
    everyone will be happy to get their hands on the gems. some of them will unlock magic. leroi is the fire. remember that.
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