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DMB2018-07-27.mxl604.flac16 (Noam Yemini)

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Dave Matthews Band
July 27, 2018
Coral Sky Amphitheatre
West Palm Beach, FL

Taper: Noam Yemini (
Location: Soundboard, Rear
Source: MXL 604 (~12) > Tascam DR-44WL (48/24)
Conversion: Tascam DR-44WL > Adobe Audition > wav(44.1/16) > xACT 2.45

***A 24bit, 48kHz version also exists***

00: Intro
01: Do You Remember*
02: Big Eyed Fish*
03: Bartender*
04: So Right*
05: Again and Again*
06: Seven*
07: Lying in the Hands of God*
08: Shake Me Like a Monkey*
09: Come On Come On*
10: Can't Stop*
11: You Might Die Trying*
12: Digging a Ditch*
13: Hunger for the Great Light*
14: Here On Out*
15: Corn Bread*
16: Typical Situation*
17: She*
18: Ants Marching*
19: Come Tomorrow*
20: Stay (Wasting Time)*

- Thanks to DMB Road Crew, especially Tommy Lyon

Compiled by Noam Yemini 07-29-2018

;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.45 on 2018-07-30 02:11:47 +0000

dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_00.flac:08e04a8d5560ae598f6c7f4a9e0bec 52
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_01.flac:fb75ec366c7cef867530e205547fa6 4b
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_02.flac:90ddda17e0d8c24ace810f372258b7 af
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_03.flac:83b8415ce6856063a513888fd91cf8 c9
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_04.flac:d49f346a06e222e47d4215e904ef3c f5
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_05.flac:8b9fd2ab2b8049a1a1eb915c26bea5 1d
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_06.flac:f601c46d1893d60680b6025cb11556 5e
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_07.flac:47d3c7b4d1bfd978e60871706dad99 51
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_08.flac:a24bd386c3487731d762d3885feaf2 a9
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_09.flac:46ca3b1cec25bf57fc1187daf75bb8 27
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_10.flac:1612e6bea0a460d34fa81ed608dc65 1b
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_11.flac:c50dd0d87ff704493f332189898161 ea
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_12.flac:9ca6192fd390a8668f59928ed17508 87
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_13.flac:9913ff275aa3f7c576a67934c5fca1 14
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_14.flac:558ac58c1370698b7b2b88f56e8c4a c7
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_15.flac:720923db7af6d8451e99be05552000 f5
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_16.flac:1f03a314cf956556f9e22b631847d7 00
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_17.flac:8cf7a50df48ccf50a0b964e605ad9f 35
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_18.flac:c1cad4509c76772597bd23858ceeb7 2d
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_19.flac:100f16e9e293b3be3341ee2a55e88e 7a
dmb2018-07-27.flac16.t_20.flac:31c64f2c7f9047cd243e4e8362ecc5 3a

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB2018-07-27.mxl604.flac16 (Noam Yemini)

    Hey Buddy. It's Erick. Im old friends with David. Thanks for the DL. I took my daughter for her first show. Cheers!
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    Re: DMB2018-07-27.mxl604.flac16 (Noam Yemini)

    Hey Erick, you're welcome! I remember you

    Hope your daughter enjoyed the show.
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