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DMB2018-12-05.ck61.naiant.flac16 (Zachary Mohney)

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Dave Matthews Band
December 5, 2018
Times Union Center
Albany, NY

Taper: Zachary Mohney (
Transfer: Mike Peters (
Location: GA PIT (Right stack, ~25 ft from stage, mics at ~14 ft)
Source: AKG CK61-ULS Caps (Active Cables) > Naiant Midbox > Sony PCM-10 (24/96 LPCM)
Conversion: Samsung Pro 64GB SD Card > USB 3.0 > Sound Forge Pro 11 (Normalize to -0.01dB, Resample to 44,100 Hz with anti-alias filter, Convert to 16 bit [iZotope MBIT+ advanced ultra dither]) > CD Wave Editor 1.97 (Tracking) > foobar2000 (Tagging, conversion to FLAC Level 8)

01: Introduction
02: You Never Know
03: One Sweet World
04: Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)
05: Everyday
06: Sweet Emotion >
07: Minarets
08: Where Are You Going
09: Burning Down the House
10: Crush
11: Kill the King
12: What Would You Say
13: Here On Out
14: Don't Drink the Water
15: Dancing Nancies
16: Come On Come On
17: Grey Street
18: She
19: You Might Die Trying
20: Granny
21: All Along the Watchtower

Notes: Thanks to Mike Peters for the Gear Loan and Chris Jones for the Mic Stand to make sure we got this show covered.

Compiled by: Mike Peters 12/6/2018

8fed4e58e799c2007ec78cb3d693eacb *dmb2018-12-05t01.flac
a3499c7fec5fbf741e6dbfaa64a42a5c *dmb2018-12-05t02.flac
bdac9b307390fdc219cfd604f8690431 *dmb2018-12-05t03.flac
105732a0d5ef95907f0d4e7fc27dbddb *dmb2018-12-05t04.flac
589f819bb116103ec695c1a2ee97d344 *dmb2018-12-05t05.flac
72ebb24220df44bfc6579dc9ae20f29c *dmb2018-12-05t06.flac
4720f0d6004b92965108e9592bb7a97e *dmb2018-12-05t07.flac
ee5a2fbd1f87fe0be7480249ae9278ac *dmb2018-12-05t08.flac
273625b2e76c1b4d60564af392782354 *dmb2018-12-05t09.flac
4bd349f0042860fb57a907d965d831bf *dmb2018-12-05t10.flac
11dcb85a547b98530358b20ba0f0e898 *dmb2018-12-05t11.flac
96c60a18e576bd8725afc050b8fd7bb1 *dmb2018-12-05t12.flac
8db5616f2f10583d3ec3559cd49c1076 *dmb2018-12-05t13.flac
12cdcfc8098f0e6119da58bb9a4af195 *dmb2018-12-05t14.flac
da437ed2622b6bdf261a30f7877a2f30 *dmb2018-12-05t15.flac
a8a2e8cbd7767973bbd2ad976ed0e9a5 *dmb2018-12-05t16.flac
9c5affa6d1fcd30137e1e35ec0807756 *dmb2018-12-05t17.flac
d99d6eb7f0229045caf4a8644576d35f *dmb2018-12-05t18.flac
f7ed0d0f78c7b73edea54c92f77cc5b4 *dmb2018-12-05t19.flac
5c7a4f303e18a32bd96d76d5fce908fc *dmb2018-12-05t20.flac
f64f929fa8501d3ca5f416979093f3d1 *dmb2018-12-05t21.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB2018-12-05.ck61.naiant.flac16 (Zachary Mohney)

    Posting this up on Zach's behalf. His first outing last night taping after we realized this show wasn't likely going to get covered. I shipped my gear to him last weekend, gave him a crash course the day of the show and he did a fantastic job! We've officially birthed a new taper!
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    Re: DMB2018-12-05.ck61.naiant.flac16 (Zachary Mohney)

    Great story!

    Thanks for the collaboration!
    To burn at a slow tempo, that's everything
    - Jeff Buckley
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    Re: DMB2018-12-05.ck61.naiant.flac16 (Zachary Mohney)

    Wow, thanks for the taping! I was there and salute Mike and Zach's effort to cover this show.
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    Re: DMB2018-12-05.ck61.naiant.flac16 (Zachary Mohney)

    Sounds great Zach
    Originally Posted by crashintonickdm View Post
    Honestly, 2014>July 1 08 and on ward
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    Re: DMB2018-12-05.ck61.naiant.flac16 (Zachary Mohney)

    Can't wait to listen! Was at the show and it was great. The tracker has been down since Friday (been trying to download since then and I keep getting 404s). Any chance of cross-posting to
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    shoot straight
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    Re: DMB2018-12-05.ck61.naiant.flac16 (Zachary Mohney)

    Much appreciated!
    Originally Posted by DeepTrax View Post
    everyone will be happy to get their hands on the gems. some of them will unlock magic. leroi is the fire. remember that.
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