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DMB2019-03-15.TascamDR-44wl.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band - AFAS Live, Amsterdam, NLD
15th March 2019

Tascam DR-44wl > SD Card > Studio One > WAV > TLH (Flac Level 8) > Flac 16 bit > DIME

I recorded this for directly in front of the Soundboard area so hopefully it sounds a bit better than the Copenhagen show.
This show had a superior setlist but I felt that the performances were excellent in both venues.
There were people nearby constantly talking, even being asked to stop a few times - I don't think they were picked up on my recorder.

Disc 1:
1. That Girl Is You
2. Louisiana Bayou
3. #41
4. What Would You Say
5. Again & Again
6. Warehouse
7. Big Eyed Fish >
8. JTR

Disc 2
1. Minarets >
2. Samurai Cop
3. Lover Lay Down
4. Sledgehammer
5. Stand Up (For It) (with Shotgun)
6. Here On Out

Disc 3
1. Lying In The Hands Of God (with American Baby Intro)
2. Don't Drink The Water
3. You & Me (encore break)
4. Some Devil
5. Pantala Naga Pampa

Feel free to share this anywhere! =)

101 That Girl Is You.flac:7f5a2f6273f1d9414663199f5ac09f5d
102 Louisiana Bayou.flac:b94e274977043e5af0f914ffc923ee15
103 #41.flac:177e4f5e5e15d852b5efa292501d3f5e
104 What Would You Say.flac:a8d48292680c8ce12997b313e185750c
105 Again & Again.flac:4805e5eb31a4f9fae9ea5211061259e6
106 Warehouse.flac:d95e5e799b8be36ee408e21563cd2abf
107 Big Eyed Fish.flac:91940c1c0d9feb64dacfcb5e30a4ae62
108 JTR.flac:460d7e4296dd5d7fd2067614923e550c
201 Minarets.flac:f9a2597bf8ff308bdf93d9e00a98530b
202 Here On Out.flac:c156d78f8ebde5819f18e1d4e0d95624
203 Lover Lay Down.flac:211040e622b6fd7b27fec06060fd141a
204 Sledgehammer.flac:858d0e92906f2364189a12b734520d02
205 Stand Up (For It).flac:e8b3944703ef3da825d4911162f475f5
206 Here On Out.flac:d6cb343b74b25969e3ce2142df52ede9
301 Lying In The Hands Of God.flac:b18cec97defea2f7c3ccf46a8a78e9ec
302 Don't Drink The Water.flac:4ab7c7e482941a8e01d06befbfcbcdd0
303 You & Me.flac:e7522444828179be66ed9aa62137a7af
304 Some Devil.flac:a888c9eea1bb05ee0efff89184cd2aca
305 Pantala Naga Pampa Rapunzel.flac:e49db13276c5f760a0f1afdca0bcdf41

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB2019-03-15.TascamDR-44wl.flac16 (Unknown)

    Thanks. This was a great show and fun crowd to be a part of.
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