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DMB2019-07-26.ca14.flac24 (Mark T)

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Dave Matthews Band
July 26, 2019
Coral Sky Amphitheatre at the South Florida Fairgrounds
West Palm Beach, Florida

************************************************** *****************
Taper: Mark T
Source: Church Audio 14 Cardioids > CA-ST9100 > Edirol R-09
Location: Lawn, center, facing rear stacks
************************************************** *****************

01. Introduction
02. What Would You Say
03. Seven
04. Lie In Our Graves
05. Idea Of You
06. Sledgehammer
07. Lover Lay Down
08. The Last Stop
09. Come Tomorrow
10. Why I Am
11. Lying In The Hands Of God
12. Don't Drink The Water
13. Here On Out
14. So Right
15. Warehouse
16. Can't Stop
17. Where Are You Going
18. The Song That Jane Likes
19. Louisiana Bayou
20. Encore Break
21. Virginia In The Rain
22. All Along The Watchtower

Started to rain about 1/3 of the way through... luckily it was a light drizzle the rest of the show.
Big hassle with security at this venue, but all sorted out.
Lawn isn't great, but I am thankful for the rear-hanging PA stacks behind the pavilion.

bbca0c6fde2e94182e1001f24a0ba3ae *dmb2019-07-26t01.flac
a392639152c7953982f663d1722bb14b *dmb2019-07-26t02.flac
19d1f747fee683a7ca2679eaf05c2689 *dmb2019-07-26t03.flac
6b567a1d3d04943cfc72b93d14f676e8 *dmb2019-07-26t04.flac
a35b76c587f34f080fbd6570ba414782 *dmb2019-07-26t05.flac
a88b823ad05594afba3ef67bd68882fa *dmb2019-07-26t06.flac
566c72ec4c6e3fb57403427af3a57d16 *dmb2019-07-26t07.flac
d7a5ba72a6389e2a3c8a02ed95616a3e *dmb2019-07-26t08.flac
6b8473bd33c8fa82978373d721e3a6a4 *dmb2019-07-26t09.flac
dadc64ed35514857eb755a9de9adc773 *dmb2019-07-26t10.flac
47fd1bb4e33de0aa2d33a5f0e9b31df5 *dmb2019-07-26t11.flac
e2f9f3103a393a0de141b9dedf123d29 *dmb2019-07-26t12.flac
44df9ff93c2d27300e10f75ec9112fb0 *dmb2019-07-26t13.flac
1fe273d0682213ad23db6459a598f033 *dmb2019-07-26t14.flac
4de1b4ec252245985de1d71df9e7a1e0 *dmb2019-07-26t15.flac
9e99672d31a22f182fd8451ad58aef32 *dmb2019-07-26t16.flac
91146436091d346cd9b7070324720b8a *dmb2019-07-26t17.flac
17f536db5f1ec584db9fbe384bca4c86 *dmb2019-07-26t18.flac
cbdd4d9eba41765128228672f1bb614a *dmb2019-07-26t19.flac
32ffd1ea77187bc985ef6dd42146bcfa *dmb2019-07-26t20.flac
dbc7ba200f748d7c23811951c341fb60 *dmb2019-07-26t21.flac
ed60e9d8609083473e7762745537d9c5 *dmb2019-07-26t22.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB2019-07-26.ca14.flac24 (Mark T)

    Thanks again. Hilarious; my first order of business today was:

    1. Upload this show to Ants
    2. Edit WPB N2 to post

    You already did #1, so now on to the second night. Appreciated!

    You know, this didn't turn out too terrible for the lawn. Wind, screamers, drizzle... glad it was just at least recorded.
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    Re: DMB2019-07-26.ca14.flac24 (Mark T)

    Thanks for your hard work and dedication! Appreciate you sharing, Friday night was really jammy and jazzy, but Saturday night kocked my socks off!
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