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DMB2000-07-03.sr71.shnf (Henry Hart & Levi Hunt)

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Dave Matthews Band
07/03/00 - Three Rivers Stadium
Pittsburgh, PA
Tapers: Henry Hart & Levi Hunt
Location: 13th row right stack
Source: Earthworks SR-71 > MP-2 > DA-P1

d01: (57:53)
t01: What Would You Say $ 8:10
t02: The Song That Jane Likes 5:48
t03: Rhyme & Reason 7:20
t04: Crash Into Me 7:29
t05: Too Much 5:59
t06: Grey Street 10:28
t07: Say Goodbye 12:39

d02: (46:42)
t01: #41 11:00
t02: #36 + 11:55
t03: Long Black Veil + 10:37
t04: All Along the Watchtower 13:10

d03: (52:16)
t01: Satellite 5:52
t02: Drive In, Drive Out 6:24
t03: Semi-jam *** 3:33
t04: Busted Stuff + 7:55
t05: Stay + 9:53
t06: Grace Is Gone 5:14
t07: Two Step $$ 13:25

Full show with Butch Taylor.
+ with Brenda, Cindy & Tawatha
Editing notes:
$= Some clipping at the beginning. This was on the master, I assume they just didn't have the levels set completely yet. I tried to even out the sound level as much as possible, but there's still a bit of uneven-ness and clipping at the song intro (~2:20 into the track).

$$= The pops/booms/bangs starting at ~9:46 in are fireworks being shot from the top of Three Rivers Stadium. Surprisingly, there's no high-end clipping, but it will max out your db levels so watch those speakers/headphones.

Re-EQ'd by Mark Raich 01/01 using AnwidaSoft Parametric EQ.

It would take too long to lay out all the specifics, so email me if you want to talk tech.
Basically, I boosted the highs and lows and leveled the whole sound out a lot, since Henry and Lee had to deal with the rain all night. All in all, I think the show turned out damn fine.

768a7569b23668bf0984d9d71995db55 *dmb-070300-d01t01.shn
b3e463ba5666c00da3208d597b8170b2 *dmb-070300-d01t02.shn
873e64dabe474dfb25c4b3cd7b9c5bb0 *dmb-070300-d01t03.shn
e91b1d9603672feb5c0167d7b3e98d26 *dmb-070300-d01t04.shn
9d5ee930752a65c90162f65035d1732f *dmb-070300-d01t05.shn
59263eba50854cb11bd2df688dd40400 *dmb-070300-d01t06.shn
c284c1a778a052798c0d3c18581ea0fa *dmb-070300-d01t07.shn

22e872fdb05460906c7fbb97a5726a8e *dmb-070300-d02t02.shn
a8e7a864a973ae763ee0a6785c520c6d *dmb-070300-d02t01.shn
b1c38c311397ed2b9cc3857150d3b523 *dmb-070300-d02t03.shn
0388465e2393db28c251319c27d71de5 *dmb-070300-d02t04.shn

aa17c9c472b52f7e4b6caa48ce95cf6c *dmb-070300-d03t01.shn
1b43fe3fdc384e8cf93843b8abd23300 *dmb-070300-d03t02.shn
81bfac65e40890e835e36ad4456a2f29 *dmb-070300-d03t03.shn
24c7a2a7368a4329da26c2589a78fe32 *dmb-070300-d03t04.shn
85a13a59167f5444243b0924c00248d5 *dmb-070300-d03t05.shn
54ec789670ebbd66cca66d971a001595 *dmb-070300-d03t06.shn
92372da1ef5cc7845ac44ded9e7e07e9 *dmb-070300-d03t07.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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