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D&T2012-09-23.mk41.flac16 (Andy Murray)

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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Life Is Good Festival (Main Stage)
Prowse Farm
Canton, Ma

Recorded and transferred by Andy Murray

Mics were 150' from stage 10' left of center DIN

Schoeps MK41>KC5>CMC6>Sonosax SX-R4(24bit/96khz)

WAV>USB>Macbook Pro>Wave Editor(tracking,fades,resample(izotope)/dither(mbit+)to 16 bit/44.1k)>XAct(FLAC 8,ffp,fix sbe)

Reconversion: Tom Gambichler- Flac > Wav > Addawav 1.3 > CD Wav editor to resplit tracks> Flac Frontend @ level 8 (with Sector Boundaries checked) > Foobar 2000 for tagging

************************************************** ***********************
******************DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE FOR PROFIT*******************
************************************************** ***********************

Disc 1

01. Intro
02. Everyday
03. Crush
04. So Damn Lucky
05. Still Water &
06. Don't Drink the Water
07. Save Me
08. Broken Things *
09. Oh
10. Satellite
11. Gaucho
12. Bartender
13. Sinceritox $
14. Take Me to Tomorrow *
15. Lie in Our Graves
16. Mercy
17. You & Me->
18. Funny the Way It Is
19. Repeat the Question $
20. Jimi Thing->
21. What Will Become of Me
22. Stay or Leave
23. Two Step

24. Encore Break


25. Some Devil #
26. Ants Marching

& Daniel Lanois cover
* first time played
$ Tim solo
# Dave solo

Reconversion notes: Thanks to Andy for allowing me to reconvert this source for him to correct the track listing and track splitting. Reformatted the track names to d+t2012-09-23 in CD Wav editor while resplitting tracks, used Flac Frontend to insure sector boundaries as well as Flac level 8, created new fingerprints and created an ST5 (shntool) after tagging in Foobar 2000

Thanks to Dan Cheatham for the names of the Tim solo tracks

Recompiled and reconverted by Tom Gambichler on October 1, 2012

4372726af53a4f4d4d7cc2770f09541f [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t01.flac
987d81110a94895a1d4b319478d1a4c4 [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t02.flac
1c49c9994ec473442be809fe85fc1a2d [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t03.flac
98109432a2bf9cd518792f1db7d04342 [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t04.flac
01f9ca7e787134733481ac0449dd7e23 [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t05.flac
b1aa94270cbef9f16129fabc302cb902 [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t06.flac
93e290b39498aa8f014b4e4132fcd2b0 [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t07.flac
765a2d2595394fb98fae4ee2e47cf2a5 [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t08.flac
ac7f0988f93a643007f2b9630ffed06a [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t09.flac
cde2f6002f65475be6bd76cd782b7151 [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t10.flac
0aa3c2756b8b6632bec07495b161de77 [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t11.flac
8ca809b260948ffff9e945cdc129abf5 [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t12.flac
4cade757f362f14758a28235f90ba88f [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t13.flac
1288548ed34d003509a0f245e4c098c6 [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t14.flac
f8ddc53b85e153f67ed339bb433ff79f [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t15.flac
36263850e651a738fac24e4018730e07 [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t16.flac
bfaa9166614ac8ca73eae227d9941239 [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t17.flac
d59c002549b3f7979b4fea224a19e9a4 [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t18.flac
f4a35588ac84e6fde89fff2c11c8bf29 [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t19.flac
cc34dc2c6fe9f2e06441206427fa71e9 [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t20.flac
261c89ec2edba80924000ae1820e8bb3 [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t21.flac
23d9f029c5e61afed37c42887c95dfbf [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t22.flac
d9bee94966f792d75109c5549e2633a0 [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t23.flac
889168cc864a2ec3e1adc817f431d70f [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t24.flac
b0276ee926bf0cb0ac00d318c0c15f28 [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t25.flac
50a4e797363d623380fa44e8edaf0acd [shntool] d+t2012-09-23t26.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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