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DMB1999-05-02.sr77.flac16 (Craig Willoughby)

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Dave Matthews Band
May 2, 1999
Coral Sky Ampitheatre (Palm Beach County Fairgrounds)
West Palm Beach, FL

Taper: Craig Willoughby *
Source: Earthworks SR-77 > schoeps -10dB pads > DA-P1
Conversion: Mike Vernal- DAT>WAV, WAV>SHN by Eli Broverman
Reconversion: Tom Gambichler- SHN>WAV>Addawav 1.3>WAV>Sound Forge 8, Normalized to -0.01db> CD Wav Editor for track splitting>Flac Frontend @ Level 5> Foobar 2000 for tagging

************************************************** ***********************
****************DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE FOR PROFIT*********************
************************************************** ***********************

Disc 1
01. Intro 01:48
02. The Last Stop (w/prelude and reprise outro) 13:37
03. Lie In Our Graves 12:10
04. Stay 08:09
05. Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) 07:14
06. Pig 09:03
07. #41 10:21
08. Satellite 06:11
Total time Disc 1 68:53

Disc 2
09. Jimi Thing 15:18
10. Too Much 05:28
11. The Stone (Can't Help Falling in Love by Leroi) 10:22
(Improv Jam) @
12. Don't Drink the Water 08:04
13. Two Step 15:12
14. Ants Marching (Direct intro) 08:40


15. Long Black Veil 05:33
16. What Would You Say 05:25
Total time Disc 2 74:22

@ Dave solo
** No Encore break-faded out/faded in on original source

* Taper listed as Mike Vernal on original conversion. Confirmed with Craig Willoughby that he was the taper and that Mike Vernal only transferred the DAT

Notes: Discussed this source with Craig Willoughby. He gave me permission to reconvert the original shn's to flac rather than him reconvert his DAT which may not be in good shape 12 years later. I confirmed the shn's were not mp3 sourced via frequency and spectrum analysis.

Errors fixed:
Slight dropout just prior to Jimi Thing, applied crossfade at the 6:11 mark of Satellite to make the wav file seamless

Recompiled and reconverted by Tom Gambichler on December 11, 2011

e03de00acc73dec7a0c33045d8c1977f [shntool] dmb1999-05-02t01.flac
cab85b85c242fee93af2c2d3c93e4fab [shntool] dmb1999-05-02t02.flac
4bc0156d3a4a0d3a34af255717e3c4a7 [shntool] dmb1999-05-02t03.flac
f19d08f1dd4dbb9723626cd2c26646e4 [shntool] dmb1999-05-02t04.flac
ee46952336804ea88f7cd154ddce5feb [shntool] dmb1999-05-02t05.flac
4c8bf6297ea950d2446f73bfcd2f818c [shntool] dmb1999-05-02t06.flac
2adf35c7c971ae2737a42c8358ab9e3b [shntool] dmb1999-05-02t07.flac
4cd440e8bc21e8129d62eb8c47e1e527 [shntool] dmb1999-05-02t08.flac
4853dbd67fac0dbff6d782c6877ae812 [shntool] dmb1999-05-02t09.flac
0021817de6181c38c260c156f28a851b [shntool] dmb1999-05-02t10.flac
f048a7e39c45886a0e1497b75e4adfcc [shntool] dmb1999-05-02t11.flac
2bf4e6ccc36f05ca7b7872bfb6a83a8f [shntool] dmb1999-05-02t12.flac
d37246e070a236cdb0fb75e05b415b80 [shntool] dmb1999-05-02t13.flac
92ce1d1a63e4beab5a8510547d7f7420 [shntool] dmb1999-05-02t14.flac
4bdbcbb6e9c7ad183cbab01aef95a62b [shntool] dmb1999-05-02t15.flac
285400192dd29c4dc7dd5135f1e508fc [shntool] dmb1999-05-02t16.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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