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DMB2001-07-06.mzn700.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
Soldier Field
Chicago, Il.

Disc 1
01,John The Revelator
02,One Sweet World
03,When The World Ends
06,Big Eyed Fish
08,So Right
09,If I Had It All
10,I Did It

Disc 2
01,Seek Up
02,Fool To Think
04,All Along The Watchtower
05,Two Step
E:06,The Space Between

Recorded from behind the soundboard
in the Taper section.

Sony 959>Sony MZN 700

Sony MDS-JE 470>Creative Live Driver IR>CDWav Editor>FLAC

; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on January 29, 2009, at 4:18 pm

DMB2001-07-06d1t01sony959.flac:acad147f2bb2ebe6018d58e93068a3 f2
DMB2001-07-06d1t02sony959.flac:3dc41f697cf2a0436a4ea448c851b4 83
DMB2001-07-06d1t03sony959.flac:9c1c34d2ce16460ebe2348d24481bb ee
DMB2001-07-06d1t04sony959.flac:546c2e6dabff5c80a84653767e8de0 47
DMB2001-07-06d1t05sony959.flac:3971423f0cc1c8e3a500e90990d5d3 17
DMB2001-07-06d1t06sony959.flac:cbb7abd584a24219182749b3ac3983 9d
DMB2001-07-06d1t07sony959.flac:fe77faaa8f7c6a1236010f240725b3 8a
DMB2001-07-06d1t08sony959.flac:e8013068d8d76610517ae769bfa3e9 2b
DMB2001-07-06d1t09sony959.flac:f6b03369bfde3f7ff00ae62e9883d8 8a
DMB2001-07-06d1t10sony959.flac:38b99e3d746980484993c1ae140ed5 14
DMB2001-07-06d2t01sony959.flac:4d574aa6e81dee1f39dcbe5ad243eb 9e
DMB2001-07-06d2t02sony959.flac:f97ec37d04017c5f88835bb1e2234d e1
DMB2001-07-06d2t03sony959.flac:57c358ba3e53f75992f6a7f532af30 d4
DMB2001-07-06d2t04sony959.flac:cc3d34b7ae17bf45096d499a2a10b0 4b
DMB2001-07-06d2t05sony959.flac:30f8bdf0667f806f295f6972fcecf2 94
DMB2001-07-06d2t06sony959.flac:a058f2941af4930b8c8be858567275 58
DMB2001-07-06d2t07sony959.flac:3a6585b37f51fd9bd0c9f01464c955 e0

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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