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DMB2002-12-22.akg480.shnf (Eric Naylor)

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Dave Matthews Band
MCI Center
Washington DC

Taper: Eric Naylor
Source: AKG 480/ck61 > Lunatec V3 > Tascam DA-P1
Setup: 12th row, left stack, A-B mics, 16' stand
Conversion: Tascam DA-20mkII > Audiophile 2496

d1t01 Intro
d1t02 Donít Drink the Water
d1t03 Dont Burn the Pig
d1t04 Captain
d1t05 Grace Is Gone
d1t06 Everyday
d1t07 Bartender

d2t01 When the World Ends
d2t02 Crush
d2t03 Song That Jane Likes
d2t04 Grey Street
d2t05 Loving Wings
d2t06 Where Are You Going
d2t07 Jimi Thing

d3t01 What Would You Say
d3t02 Too Much
d3t03 E: Christmas Song *
d3t04 E: Two Step

* Dave and Carter
Entire set with Butch Taylor

Compiled by Eric Naylor

d80543c964dbe92171f6947f8752053f *dmb2002-12-22-d1t01.shn
68b3ed09932dd30ecc35ef4c494ae3a1 *dmb2002-12-22-d1t02.shn
a9a701f95ec2d64b6f084309601a1af5 *dmb2002-12-22-d1t03.shn
d731c45792e03796d225170c8cacf8ce *dmb2002-12-22-d1t04.shn
ef38c4a0d845d36a2611af001d0146ee *dmb2002-12-22-d1t05.shn
d4e5d0a7d05beb501fc2c146c0678267 *dmb2002-12-22-d1t06.shn
19dd4992649cda53cc64471d0bcaaa52 *dmb2002-12-22-d1t07.shn

04a4fcb057d752d74e78509ec7496fdb *dmb2002-12-22-d2t07.shn
bcbb5991475c2326575219f9b7c66e8e *dmb2002-12-22-d2t01.shn
da36b31925239f6b39ee792caf3ea37f *dmb2002-12-22-d2t02.shn
1464b38ee5b246be3b16cdab734a4634 *dmb2002-12-22-d2t03.shn
9f8bb00a5139131fc0ce973eb4ba1acb *dmb2002-12-22-d2t04.shn
9b253a94aa38315aeaa46f06617a3293 *dmb2002-12-22-d2t05.shn
7329a19f5cc9fa3e0e614fb210fef6f9 *dmb2002-12-22-d2t06.shn

0429d76cd216032c6b57d2328764de85 *dmb2002-12-22-d3t03.shn
bec26986beff6fde5825ada281c43056 *dmb2002-12-22-d3t04.shn
5959cecf70987ca40d3949d6dc9d77ed *dmb2002-12-22-d3t01.shn
c56bccc576f345bb34e069c284db81e1 *dmb2002-12-22-d3t02.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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