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DMB2004-07-06.at853.shnf (Brian Furbush)

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Dave Matthews Band
Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts
Mansfield, MA
06 July 2004

Taper: Brian Furbush
Source: Audio Technica AT853 (cards) > SP-SPSB-1 > Edirol UA-5 > Dell Latitude D600
Location: Section 3 row K, seat 9 (mics A-B a little less than 10 feet from stack)
Conversion: CDWAV 1.93.3 > mkwACT v0.97 (WAV > SHN)


Track Title Time (m:s.f)

Disc One:
01 Intro 01:48.42
02 One Sweet World 07:12.74
03 Best of What's Around 05:49.39
04 The Stone 09:12.56
05 Song That Jane Likes 04:09.11
06 Sugar Will (New Song #4) 12:43.63
07 Intro > & 01:12.40
08 Crush 13:25.16
09 Rhyme and Reason 05:31.37
Total: 61:06.03

Disc Two:
01 Thing / Hmm ? 07:45.60
02 Warehouse * 11:10.07
03 I Did It 05:21.12
04 Hello Again (New Song #3) 07:42.66
05 Where Are You Going 04:08.18
06 Help Myself 06:11.27
Total: 42:19.40

Disc Three:
01 Fool To Think 04:06.20
02 Jimi Thing ^ 19:27.08
03 Crazy Easy (New Song #1) 05:41.34
04 Tripping Billies % 06:28.22
05 Encore Break 07:56.37
06 New Song Tease 01:33.19
07 Joy Ride (New Song #2) 04:03.04
08 What Would You Say 06:32.73
Total: 54:28.17


& Stefan bass intro
* Stop-time Intro
^ Features an utterly ridiculous scat jam with "My milkshake is better than yours." lyrics.
% Nature Intro

-Dave managed to break 4 strings tonight, which can be heard in a few songs.
-Some bass distortion can be heard in a few loud parts, which is due to the close proximity of the bass stacks to the mics.

Compiled by Brian Furbush 07 June 2004.

914433c7d44689e9235cd6b54a08d58b *dmb2004-07-06d1t01.shn
d70e2761e3e7793a0c104788ea29918a *dmb2004-07-06d1t02.shn
8b40acd095139eeb8ffc079e2aeddc8a *dmb2004-07-06d1t03.shn
0aac3b3031193df95188ea00763c05e4 *dmb2004-07-06d1t04.shn
1a25bedbce87d6ba789c039aac9f6ffa *dmb2004-07-06d1t05.shn
f4abf31d30cb3e4a6226a592318d2d13 *dmb2004-07-06d1t06.shn
a6b5dcb26ba55319a0e3511361365964 *dmb2004-07-06d1t07.shn
440105299e59e5e97e628076b922e675 *dmb2004-07-06d1t08.shn
e588a2c2ced7e4b5c2df06c7fc583897 *dmb2004-07-06d1t09.shn

adbccbeea400478a1ab49f04d3a6e27a *dmb2004-07-06d2t01.shn
a69714c00a80790012e8e79795d1711e *dmb2004-07-06d2t02.shn
66481538e9a9f5a3a13058e9d77255ab *dmb2004-07-06d2t03.shn
6def8fdcf29106634148e0dde5581171 *dmb2004-07-06d2t04.shn
b4cf70c3a25aec6fbc9c0a02b90073ea *dmb2004-07-06d2t05.shn
11a586391c0c4458fd0fc3c06c1af614 *dmb2004-07-06d2t06.shn

7da16121a43a7af1d724b31e9a286d84 *dmb2004-07-06d3t01.shn
06bc9c04e61198eabc17fc96cf7bc2e9 *dmb2004-07-06d3t02.shn
27a63784c84e2303cea0caa0329c6d1f *dmb2004-07-06d3t03.shn
11e49777935d7aa2a8b23b095dbd789d *dmb2004-07-06d3t04.shn
4c471235ecc7b55c11db667082d056c6 *dmb2004-07-06d3t05.shn
a82a6bdc038ffb1ec22268ddf508f63a *dmb2004-07-06d3t06.shn
496e9b8c3010a1aa19f8a8741c696936 *dmb2004-07-06d3t07.shn
aa4ac5246150cfbed5958279e82c5ac6 *dmb2004-07-06d3t08.shn

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