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DM_2006-05-13.ka200n.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews
Carling Academy
Birmingham, England, Europe
May 13 2006

MBHO Ka200n -> JKLabs DVC -> M1

Mics in hat due to venues non taping policy.
Taped by the left stack, roughly 2-3 meters out.

disc one:
Grey Street
So Much to Say
Where are you going
Smooth Rider
Stay or Leave
Save Me
Old Dirt Hill
Dancing Nancies
Some Devil

disc two:
Lie In Our Graves
So Damn Lucky
Too Much

A great show indeed and a real pleasure to see Dave perform in Europe.
Hope it will be appreciated from all DMB fans out there.

d1track1 Bartender.flac:7f8a3663610765b166671c7c6bb813ad
d1track2 Grey Street.flac:670f444bdf53f5a531328e5edec573bb
d1track3 So Much to Say.flac:48ec1e969f375b10bca07f790f47e24b
d1track4 Where are you going.flac:8023c43e84d42ef95308347137247fd6
d1track5 Smooth Rider.flac:50a84c1ad39101db66b07c77a8799e91
d1track6 Stay or Leave.flac:869aff000d8f9b826f6a8175304d99a4
d1track7 Save Me.flac:fb0f986541512eab64e63445cd22f09e
d1track8 Old Dirt Hill.flac:24c1cdd511259b0a14c58f1711a2a6cf
d1track9 Dancing Nancies.flac:39fa51ec8369dd242fa083bde38415eb
d1track10 Some Devil.flac:d0c864b48de49db6dcfbb3a328df1d24
d2track1 Everyday.flac:be8cddc1245acda897b294321353baf9
d2track2 Gravedigger.flac:29946973c69d10d21a34355f25f99d89
d2track3 Crush.flac:1db8c2da87be091788f896eb7f6a8b2f
d2track4 Lie In Our Graves.flac:7790beef2bd29215c2fca24c71b8c0f0
d2track5 So Damn Lucky.flac:e202be87b123017b69e8596f1723ea31
d2track6 Sister.flac:1ac0185d752397a192d65077940ff211
d2track7 All Along the Watchtower.flac:3778023fa202f26be43649683d3fc6f8
d2track8 Too Much.flac:8e668445404fc4adc508b05a864751e8
d2track9 Crash.flac:dfe6451acbdef16b077203eac95fa21e

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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