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DMB2007-08-11.ka200n.flac16 (Ryan Hoyt)

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Dave Matthews Band
Nissan Pavilion
Bristow, VA
August 11th, 2007

Taper: Ryan Hoyt (
Equipment: mbho 603/ka200n > 722
Location: Section 103, Row K, mics DINa, stand at 14'

*** Please do not trade in lossy formats such as MP3 ***

d01t01 Intro 02:29.56
d01t02 One Sweet World * 07:03.38
d01t03 You Might Die Trying * 07:04.46
d01t04 Hunger For The Great Light *^ 04:52.66
d01t05 #27 * 06:46.51
d01t06 Warehouse *+ 11:48.28
d01t07 The Maker * 07:49.37
d01 - 47:55.22

d02t01 Corn Bread * 06:19.59
d02t02 Shotgun * 09:21.50
d02t03 Anyone Seen The Brdige * > 02:04.69
d02t04 Too Much * 06:54.70
d02t05 Sister @ 04:57.50
d02t06 Idea of You * 04:50.04
d02t07 Bartender * 17:59.14
d02 - 52:28.16

d03t01 Everyday *# 11:47.72
d03t02 Sweet Up & Down * 05:34.37
d03t03 Louisiana Bayou * 08:13.64
d03t04 Stay * 13:54.01
d03t05 E: Gravedigger $ 04:17.71
d03t06 E: Two Step * 15:40.19
d03 - 59:28.39

- Compiled on 08/16/2007
* Rashawn Ross
^ The last beat of this song peaked on the right channel, so I copied the left to the right. There's quite a noticable sound change.
+ Toots Hibbert
@ Rashawn Ross, Carter Beauford, and Butch Taylor on backup vocals
# Vusi Mahlasela
$ Dave Solo

84f3df7217960577ff65ce82b02d2b5c *dmb2007-08-11d01t01.flac
53627d85d146d182a233506227f725f5 *dmb2007-08-11d01t02.flac
28423ff2cfed6d645e5bf55b11ff4087 *dmb2007-08-11d01t03.flac
1fad0d2583e07c0298b4fb96609f6414 *dmb2007-08-11d01t04.flac
21674671a5902bfd5c0cc50852e32fc9 *dmb2007-08-11d01t05.flac
b6d71e05f0367222153de6b717291c81 *dmb2007-08-11d01t06.flac
5f0324cc40fc67247226beacca214478 *dmb2007-08-11d01t07.flac
ede2534b7b135cd48a7cf6df3d7ed9e6 *dmb2007-08-11d02t01.flac
d1f9ef66632c07a0e4ee526a5f3f6264 *dmb2007-08-11d02t02.flac
d5c4d4512c205c49639dc7721fdc0af4 *dmb2007-08-11d02t03.flac
b595b4ad58345fbd72305023e0ecdd26 *dmb2007-08-11d02t04.flac
0f88eabd0c44e2f9ca9f61b5396d6958 *dmb2007-08-11d02t05.flac
91f3ce4e6735df6eb9d5cad8a14fb06c *dmb2007-08-11d02t06.flac
a5281f651136fd76d896b732108dd683 *dmb2007-08-11d02t07.flac
0efe65656e7cc93a61aa4ee067c348f0 *dmb2007-08-11d03t01.flac
08be60609f870884158725d569afa6fe *dmb2007-08-11d03t02.flac
2aca7082e350fa8b8615d3c31ec7f60a *dmb2007-08-11d03t03.flac
9aa49581b221b4a96b1c01287378f898 *dmb2007-08-11d03t04.flac
bd68af65a64f88e39c28d1664c762e4b *dmb2007-08-11d03t05.flac
bb58f127085e66c839f2f868c64e9a83 *dmb2007-08-11d03t06.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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