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D&T2015-01-17.akgck61.flac16 (Dean Wolfgang)

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Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
January 17, 2015
Dave and Tim
Paramount Theatre
Oakland, CA

Taper: Dean Wolfgang
Location: Stage Right, Stage Lip Lower Stack
Source: akgck61>Naiant AKG Actives>Naiant PFAa>Lunatec V3 (SPDIF)>R44 @24/48 kHz
Transfer: SD>MacBook>Audacity>xACT>uTorrent
Conversion: 24-bit/48kHz.wav>Audacity, track volume, tracks/label, fade in/out, resample and dither to 16/44.1 kHz

NOTE: Corrected metadata track tags.

************************************************** **********************
DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE FOR PROFIT ***********************************
************************************************** **********************

01: [Introduction]
02: Seek Up
03: Where Are You Going
04: Minarets (Scat intro; Tomorrow Never Knows intro)
05: Little Red Bird
06: Lying in the Hands of God
07: Gravedigger
08: Grey Street
09: Che *
10: Bartender
11: Sister
12: Little Thing >
13: Lie in Our Graves
14: Digging a Ditch
15: Squirm
16: You & Me
17: Hug * (First time played at a Dave & Tim show)
18: The Stone
19: Mercy
20: Jimi Thing
21: The Space Between
22: Recently >
23: Dancing Nancies

24: [Encore Break 1]
25: Warehouse (UTTAD intro)
26: Ants Marching

27: [Encore Break 2]
27: I'll Back You Up
28: Tripping Billies (Nature intro)

* - Tim Solo
> - Indicates a seque into next song

First time Seek Up has been played by Dave & Tim since 3.26.03 and first time as an opener at a Dave & Tim show since 3.12.99.
First time Minarets has been played by Dave & Tim since 2.23.97.
First time Lying in the Hands of God has been played by Dave & Tim since 11.19.11.
First time Little Thing has been played in full since 11.19.11.
First time I'll Back You Up has been played by Dave & Tim since 11.18.11 and first time in the encore at a Dave & Tim show since 3.22.03.

Compiled by: Dean Wolfgang 2015-01-19

;shntool st5 checksums generated by xACT 2.35 on 2015-01-19 20:52:45 +0000

adcd9af2cc9dce9cee45e5086cba933f [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t01.flac
1825d550ad506e67522fb971a6ed14a2 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t02.flac
484c2ac48ab32f53165756f5f60a7d46 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t03.flac
6c34485bc6ee25327412f88d30e372b1 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t04.flac
6a1dd179c525e9b471ef5bdba710ce07 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t05.flac
bb96a42994e46ca8c6f87778e26fa7d6 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t06.flac
10ccb45900a263e6aa0da3cd92b16ed7 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t07.flac
ac25b9f9710c08569299fed2800722e2 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t08.flac
affd107c970dfc4fde59ff1d6b146f8c [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t09.flac
4520ccdf119b942cd8201bc1c6682935 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t10.flac
736aa06f4d7f255bbdd372974d94add4 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t11.flac
d0ed8a2d58847552741bc65080594f38 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t12.flac
0ce1a406624db4b7df149ac090c80e24 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t13.flac
be0074203392592d438a0e3d5999d2c4 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t14.flac
9a0b1f233a39e51c3f6a9f12035bac4b [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t15.flac
7c548bccdf9ab9d903cf2dac244d7b42 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t16.flac
ce50df64ab8ba10dd39dfb5d1ed56bac [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t17.flac
e83fb9bf6cb58e90fffa0c407ee79bdc [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t18.flac
424d5715634507f5585cb0079efb1b51 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t19.flac
4d8dec357478b2dfa4b5ae2f79837a58 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t20.flac
892ddf5917f33582b0e054712f9f32d7 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t21.flac
6570d1c2f4213c937345fd35d9873595 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t22.flac
4ecfd9480a3f16fd0ec567bed3cc95a2 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t23.flac
66db03c69a4387b0c01a8480cc4cf520 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t24.flac
4054d251b350cb8108da4893ec81c2a4 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t25.flac
f16238cf8d8e8ca9b6b94a86c8338a8b [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t26.flac
c8a9b65410ab17990811a13d62b8544e [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t27.flac
0b82c80b652d625c2554a205f6558066 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t28.flac
5d39bd239e95c1c8d3d9661afba58265 [shntool] d+t2015-01-17t29.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

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