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DMB2007-11-14.dpa4023.flac16 (Scott Brown)

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Dave Matthews Band
"AT&T World's Loudest Pep Rally"
Eisenhower Hall Theatre
West Point, NY

Recorded By: Scott Brown
Source: DPA (B&K) 4023s > Lunatec V3 (HPF2) > Audio Magic Illusion QL XLRs > Mytek Stereo 192 ADC @24bit, 48khz > Audio Magic Illusion QL Digital XLR > Sound Devices 722
722 > Apple MacBook Pro > Spark Xl 2.8.2 (tracking, resample to 44.1khz, dither to 16 bit) > xACT 1.63 > flac
Location: At the Soundboard, ~15 feet up, XY

Disc 1
01 Intro 02:26.47
02 Pantala Naga Pampa > 00:39.49
03 Rapunzel* 07:55.64
04 Where Are You Going* 05:13.54
05 Crush* 13:40.10
06 Corn Bread* 06:07.65
07 You Might Die Trying* 08:22.24
08 Grace Is Gone*> 06:30.34
09 Black Water* 04:09.02
10 Louisiana Bayou*+ 12:55.32
11 Sister* 05:16.48
Disc 1 Total: 73:17.54

Disc 2
01 Dreaming Tree* 20:23.22
02 Eh Hee * 04:50.26
03 #27* 05:44.45
04 So Much To Say*> 05:40.23
05 Anyone Seen The Bridge? >* 02:00.44
06 Too Much* 07:34.16
07 Stay (Wasting Time)* 12:09.10
08 Gravedigger*@ 04:36.66
09 Everyday* 07:33.17
10 Ants Marching* 08:14.69
Disc 2 Total: 78:47.38

+*with Robert Randolph
@*Dave Solo

notes: Thi is a 16 bit, 44.1khz copy for CD. The original 24 bit, 48khz recording exists in flac format

compiled by scott brown on 11/15/2007

589848f3682d4d2a1153ebf1a8ba7c53 *dmb2007-11-14d1t01.flac
246eec2cea308e07204c4320d28c987a *dmb2007-11-14d1t02.flac
ef63206fa9f33558a05307b6d00d1a7c *dmb2007-11-14d1t03.flac
ab1eb756bc4c3325367bc0fb98ee2b56 *dmb2007-11-14d1t04.flac
721a378684593330ced43a33486144b1 *dmb2007-11-14d1t05.flac
f522ac977b388c893e0393781a183d99 *dmb2007-11-14d1t06.flac
7f9480dcd98d2c451315ebd3850a7c00 *dmb2007-11-14d1t07.flac
c3afe2a495d95ee4c82c6e9a000f8fb7 *dmb2007-11-14d1t08.flac
3cf149c797b879b8b8ce381520725b81 *dmb2007-11-14d1t09.flac
2162613b9911be687eddbe68453460dd *dmb2007-11-14d1t10.flac
d88f9b24d89d31f92ebafe422ed092ea *dmb2007-11-14d1t11.flac
200d243aec9342b24f899e0e8e417730 *dmb2007-11-14d2t01.flac
99a65c08edf33e7df47ad7a2a39f151e *dmb2007-11-14d2t02.flac
055ea8cf21d8ec538a371d0ce03098b3 *dmb2007-11-14d2t03.flac
5612287aaa165282655ff598c39cc896 *dmb2007-11-14d2t04.flac
ca3d5a0972dcd0fbfc6b23f3bd475ae3 *dmb2007-11-14d2t05.flac
953f36285dd77f1c2b13dd326475f96f *dmb2007-11-14d2t06.flac
160856013cb67753f1ae22fa09042612 *dmb2007-11-14d2t07.flac
26502a945fdeeee4bd6584054e3b5b04 *dmb2007-11-14d2t08.flac
aabfb6eeff7c8612a636bd62fb9938b0 *dmb2007-11-14d2t09.flac
43fd0ccbb30e1e1c585163ecc7906805 *dmb2007-11-14d2t10.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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