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D&T2017-03-25..flac16 (Sergey Dimitrov)

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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
De Oosterpoort, Groningen, Netherlands
March 25, 2017

Taped by: Sergey Dimitrov
Feedback: https://www.facebook.com/sergey.dimitrov.de
A big Thank You to the DMB sound crew!
A big Shame On You to all yellers that came from the U.S.! Respect the musicians and the people around you that came to listen to the music!

*** Distribute only the original, unchanged set of files provided in a community style - no direct downloads!
*** Do not stream, remaster and distribute, embed in online videos the provided files without my explicit permission!
*** For non-commercial use only! Support Dave Matthews Band http://davematthewsband.shop.musictoday.com/

00. Intro
01. Don't Drink the Water
02. Satellite
03. Warehouse
04. Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)
05. Crush
06. Black and Blue Bird
07. Save Me
08. Samurai Cop
09. Lie in Our Graves
10. Chatterbox *
11. Virginia in the Rain
12. Jimi Thing
13. So Damn Lucky
14. Stay or Leave
15. #41
16. Rooftop
17. You & Me
18. Betrayal *
19. Out of My Hands
20. Crash into Me
21. Fool to Think
22. The Space Between
23. What Would You Say
24. Two Step
25. Encore Break
26. Gravedigger
27. Dancing Nancies
28. Ants Marching

* Tim solo

dt2017-03-25_00 Intro.flac:516355dd3cfa436f3f36849a054eb20d
dt2017-03-25_01 Don't Drink the Water.flac:da55b418d0e94f058d50a44fb6a8c5e7
dt2017-03-25_02 Satellite.flac:5db472e2fdf6ab0513fda7a7229138af
dt2017-03-25_03 Warehouse.flac:7549b8a9fdc7f52556fb02eb9ce2dbeb
dt2017-03-25_04 Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back).flac:3fa2edc7064da6958eab8b315a275dba
dt2017-03-25_05 Crush.flac:4fe273dde1f439cf12cc0cc711f912a9
dt2017-03-25_06 Black and Blue Bird.flac:80a4a883e6eebf10d25f7d0c31109a5e
dt2017-03-25_07 Save Me.flac:359241ddfeb7602839cb50091f70d4e4
dt2017-03-25_08 Samurai Cop.flac:c9d1c4b2de509852681132a4c8642739
dt2017-03-25_09 Lie in Our Graves.flac:2b6c0a6f02d293cefcbe33beefcb65a8
dt2017-03-25_10 Chatterbox.flac:ffc0eb3c9cf78c6e38eb5e6d6ad2c3f5
dt2017-03-25_11 Virginia in the Rain.flac:4cc0fc62a63eee592083bf92ace8797f
dt2017-03-25_12 Jimi Thing.flac:4eac28296179bd26a4d4aaa85ec7c263
dt2017-03-25_13 So Damn Lucky.flac:ef792b3d338cbe8a83d209604f981e89
dt2017-03-25_14 Stay or Leave.flac:d1599487a344fd4f783ea6002cab7c7d
dt2017-03-25_15 #41.flac:5fa31adaad0818c7fdaaab81157efdba
dt2017-03-25_16 Rooftop.flac:29e365b5697c03a75a65146fc0c1c08f
dt2017-03-25_17 You & Me.flac:4d2063b2a75bc661f3437ea8c995162b
dt2017-03-25_18 Betrayal.flac:9a65e66efd7748a2b9548349198b0fb2
dt2017-03-25_19 Out of My Hands.flac:997ca14d1e9371d14f181a70085456b8
dt2017-03-25_20 Crash into Me.flac:4c99cd69e5a726e1ca9fc1212b8dd37b
dt2017-03-25_21 Fool to Think.flac:10ee6041ec02fd448120b824a40c17c7
dt2017-03-25_22 The Space Between.flac:699db41631c89bb9ffa2d59f3c6c0c96
dt2017-03-25_23 What Would You Say.flac:4afeb21df22f336c0c1ae7ee0622cf5d
dt2017-03-25_24 Two Step.flac:057f5760f4ff6a830af3d99b0ba6c22a
dt2017-03-25_25 Encore Break.flac:5438c9ecd635f4eaf92ef71c4200f2ea
dt2017-03-25_26 Gravedigger.flac:8a6ee8a55b9c5239aef6ce79dec28114
dt2017-03-25_27 Dancing Nancies.flac:6a7a44370631e6bfde9c0d14e8b4f46e
dt2017-03-25_28 Ants Marching.flac:8b0bbc66aa3229ee2b9698194e350553

a05546336c202d3e4ff5f970865253bc *dt2017-03-25_00 Intro.mp3
e3140581b096b15ed1b190a1b381f615 *dt2017-03-25_01 Don't Drink the Water.mp3
efa9311c44c0d9accec3d00a63fb5906 *dt2017-03-25_02 Satellite.mp3
4c4e6e9c745bd4fd9b454810b2cc8aca *dt2017-03-25_03 Warehouse.mp3
eca99bbe2930adc9876c127381508234 *dt2017-03-25_04 Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back).mp3
8889f67fc3541af4713d6a5ce195fb60 *dt2017-03-25_05 Crush.mp3
b218d4c0193cbc012a1f92c2de896bf7 *dt2017-03-25_06 Black and Blue Bird.mp3
72dec2df56801550c0a5bf16bbcbdc1d *dt2017-03-25_07 Save Me.mp3
073fa27ce8c3b301457eccdce8cadb0e *dt2017-03-25_08 Samurai Cop.mp3
75c7e13deca0c1c15b426cfd590c2389 *dt2017-03-25_09 Lie in Our Graves.mp3
53fbdba9981611baf32c60c7ed2975f6 *dt2017-03-25_10 Chatterbox.mp3
c6c6737e9ba052c41eb64bab70e0c60d *dt2017-03-25_11 Virginia in the Rain.mp3
a28fdefe51c173c178897f1893cc130e *dt2017-03-25_12 Jimi Thing.mp3
106dd832a3c3de8f3b53fde6bd44e80e *dt2017-03-25_13 So Damn Lucky.mp3
480ddd2e864cf60eab0305cdf3d686b5 *dt2017-03-25_14 Stay or Leave.mp3
d7cf991d75ff8a1b8bde9f3bbda7a8eb *dt2017-03-25_15 #41.mp3
4bf9d40248ff8ea83ef55fafe7e9739e *dt2017-03-25_16 Rooftop.mp3
5862f61c12d7a921572d563af0c21f22 *dt2017-03-25_17 You & Me.mp3
21186ecd5afc94d347c8de2afe9e382e *dt2017-03-25_18 Betrayal.mp3
d72a5ce90e5c3566f90fcfa6a4352ce2 *dt2017-03-25_19 Out of My Hands.mp3
cb212d427355f9f98116e1f0ef2af0a1 *dt2017-03-25_20 Crash into Me.mp3
327525d0fcccc748fa6dba95d89e90d3 *dt2017-03-25_21 Fool to Think.mp3
4297eb096b17e00f6023f1f6fc802340 *dt2017-03-25_22 The Space Between.mp3
dc7730d82db0618eac73f57eed5b6216 *dt2017-03-25_23 What Would You Say.mp3
d47debe48914a87030e9cf677f5ae0d5 *dt2017-03-25_24 Two Step.mp3
2fdc6ded341d49f639558db7863519f6 *dt2017-03-25_25 Encore Break.mp3
7e77ca6457690625de04bed9abb8c626 *dt2017-03-25_26 Gravedigger.mp3
a88786f47bc1e8526eab5dfc2d86401c *dt2017-03-25_27 Dancing Nancies.mp3
c85ac3685ce7709c044cc6d243402a18 *dt2017-03-25_28 Ants Marching.mp3

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