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D&T2017-04-10.akgck61.flac16 (John Gortakowski)

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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Coliseu Lisboa
Lisbon, PRT

Taper: John Gortakowski (GortoTapes@gmail.com)
Location: FOH
Source: AKG ck61 (DINa, ~12’) > Nbob active cables > Edirol UA-5 (w Mod) > Sony PCM-M10 (24bit/96kHz)
Conversion: 24/96kHz wav>Sound Forge Pro 11, Volume increase of +40db> iZotope 64-Bit SRC & iZotope MBIT+ for resample and dither to 24/48kHz>16/44.1 kHz, , No normalization, Noise Reduction of 30.8db applied, Fade in fade out applied, Waves L3 Ultramaximizer applied>CD Wave Editor>Flac (level 8)> Foobar 2000 for tagging

******************** DO NOT DISTRIBUTE IN LOSSY FORMATS****************************
*************** RECORDING IS NOT FOR SALE OR ANY COMMERCIAL USE *********************

01. Intro
02. So Damn Lucky
03. Satellite
04. Bartender
05. Crush
06. Samurai Cop
07. Lie in Our Graves
08. When the World Ends
09. Muros y Puertas+
10. Corn Bread
11. Healing Notion*
12. Virginia in the Rain
13. Warehouse
14. #41>
15. Say Goodbye
16. Save Me
17. You & Me
18. Rooftop
19. Grey Street
20. Summer Night in December*
21. The Stone
22. Recently
23. What Would You Say
24. Two Step
25. First Encore Break (crowd continues with Two Step)
26. So Much to Say
27. Ants Marching
28. Second Encore Break
29. Jimi Thing
30. Dancing Nancies
31. Third Encore Break
32. Crash into Me
Total: 3:12.23

> Indicates a segue into next song
* Tim Solo
+ Carlos Varela

Big thanks to Tom, Mike, and Inęs for helping to make this tape happen.

Conversion notes:
24/96kHz wav files too large to combine as one file in Sound Forge due to the length of this show. A 24/48kHz source exists instead.
Recording levels were very low on the wav files. Applied volume increase of +40db. Due to room noise throughout the recording, applied Noise Reduction of 30.8db which cut the noise significantly without affecting the audio quality.

Thanks to John for sending me this wav file to review, process and convert to share with the dmb community.

Compiled by Tom Gambichler on May 18, 2017

004cf0159be19b532d2994722229e4e5 *d+t2017-04-10t01.flac
6af482eb8c29d5a9f871aebba5264c28 *d+t2017-04-10t02.flac
89c41fac5370c88d8ffee02325b81e1e *d+t2017-04-10t03.flac
ea383cc9eb52373bf3b8b40c2b4560ac *d+t2017-04-10t04.flac
0d0e47355083804052375f01c99cca39 *d+t2017-04-10t05.flac
439a8d7bc380d3dd1661186d3b27fb5a *d+t2017-04-10t06.flac
d8704f404352ae7824a12079d1bfd26a *d+t2017-04-10t07.flac
f2a5391eaf04da71b33de613183a1327 *d+t2017-04-10t08.flac
a6fc22bc5aeefeeee8720c5a9259fe5d *d+t2017-04-10t09.flac
9257a40a1bbe1cbf9a4b920bab25d295 *d+t2017-04-10t10.flac
c5662775a9cd56fcb425fbead4bacb5e *d+t2017-04-10t11.flac
0560d099f46f73015fef0acd30f4e59b *d+t2017-04-10t12.flac
28b05b78183f2b126f05e68543d51e65 *d+t2017-04-10t13.flac
029d7d5e5f4fa95fed263073dbacd4eb *d+t2017-04-10t14.flac
fc92ddcbbd7a55b4cf9f3f5567fe359f *d+t2017-04-10t15.flac
881b06e8d608050a2646cfc0d8868986 *d+t2017-04-10t16.flac
681d77dedd443a459be6c273ff8c4c74 *d+t2017-04-10t17.flac
78ba2bb9aea315367a174662f18c4c52 *d+t2017-04-10t18.flac
ea84721229a3fe2801260cd275a954a7 *d+t2017-04-10t19.flac
7437fa5de2b83589218a55153550e3a3 *d+t2017-04-10t20.flac
b8a54ff95c68661c02f907f8206a0b0a *d+t2017-04-10t21.flac
013c2a8e08538b562ef3a895d1e03e5d *d+t2017-04-10t22.flac
3287ad4e93c760215f7df4a32bcacf0c *d+t2017-04-10t23.flac
a5194f66ddd48e65953ca2a4758136c9 *d+t2017-04-10t24.flac
4cb78b99fc7c5e3125b845e884df7a2c *d+t2017-04-10t25.flac
92fb57ebd77e830b0a448da98f44c917 *d+t2017-04-10t26.flac
795cb0173e22ac0e8b38b68d479957b2 *d+t2017-04-10t27.flac
ba0233bc7dabe5d2e1cd6fac49e24632 *d+t2017-04-10t28.flac
140c10df1bca3ef4e92e458e4348897c *d+t2017-04-10t29.flac
712e70b4858f1beb6e6871395287eb5b *d+t2017-04-10t30.flac
4711fdd50c6576e7147ef197b197e0fd *d+t2017-04-10t31.flac
fd45797475d9ccfe6ff65d3d60c60327 *d+t2017-04-10t32.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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