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DMB2021-10-13.mk4.naiant.flac16 (Mark Terrell)

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Dave Matthews Band
October 13, 2021
Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion
Rogers, Arkansas

Taper: Mark Terrell
Source: Schoeps MK4s > Naiant IPA > Tascam DR-05X
"Ants Marching" has an additional patch of the CAFSs > CA-ST9100 > Edirol R-09 rig (see below).
Location: Stage left by front pit rail, under the stack, 1ft from the rail, mics DIN @ 12'
Editing: WAV > Audacity 2.3.2 (Gain, Mixing, Normalizing, Fades, Tracking) > FLAC (Level 8)

01. Introduction
02. JTR
03. Crash Into Me >
04. Warehouse
05. Hello Again
06. Pantala Naga Pampa >
07. Rapunzel
08. Sweet
09. Seven
10. You & Me
11. Recently
12. Granny
13. Dancing Nancies
14. When The World Ends
15. Say Goodbye
16. Louisiana Bayou
17. Typical Situation
18. So Damn Lucky
19. Ants Marching

Well, we did it! The outdoor DMB summer run had every show recorded in 2021 - a huge effort by the DMB community.
Thank you to everyone across the country who helped make this possible with your sacrifices, effort, time, and money.
As of this show, this is the first tour since summer 2012 to have every show recorded and circulating.

Here's the "Great Storm in Rogers" tape. Gusting wind and sideways rain all night with the pit having rivers of water.
On "Ants Marching" it all broke loose into a big torrential mess. I did the best I could editing it.
The Schoeps and AT853s (yes, I ran 3 rigs luckily) were a mess on the last song, but the CAFS's are so small they made it.
I turned the Schoeps track way down in the mix, subbed in an edited CAFS source for the last song, and edited accordingly.

A huge thank you to Cindy Kearney for the ticket, rain gear, company, and more.
Thank you to Chris Drews and Chester Copperpot for getting things arranged for this show.
This recording is dedicated to Cindy Kearney and "chadizzy1" on - thanks for all you do for the DMB world.
Thank you to Ryan Jonik from Nine Inch Nails Live ( for the gear.
Shout out to the awesome DMB crew, especially Tommy who went above & beyond helping so many tapers this tour. You're an MVP.

Compiled on 2021/10/14.

f4b1bd856ea1e57e056052b844d2d3eb *dmb2021-10-13t01.flac
5c37ba85fed4a94f5aa3dfed32c802ee *dmb2021-10-13t02.flac
011a8e83220e31d342fac21120bea444 *dmb2021-10-13t03.flac
d21e47b2ab3bf4d34d804621361b00c3 *dmb2021-10-13t04.flac
f6c773ea6447f87a8d980ad0e2c089d7 *dmb2021-10-13t05.flac
76dcbf22d53d5416c5559389de6b146f *dmb2021-10-13t06.flac
5a556480d4bd6a4c02d3eeddef8f5f84 *dmb2021-10-13t07.flac
ebf5919c65640ee378467bfe4fe8fced *dmb2021-10-13t08.flac
72c1f00ab9ceb2c0f12e3a660b53f5e6 *dmb2021-10-13t09.flac
ee2510874a3d0d072fa670ed52fe9f4e *dmb2021-10-13t10.flac
0b147049d2adbf931fd02c1da57c34f9 *dmb2021-10-13t11.flac
fd42984810e26d47fb54ca2c28c3abe9 *dmb2021-10-13t12.flac
5143c976ec83c36b05e0e1b6b8024b54 *dmb2021-10-13t13.flac
e43ff2510686aaa90f599bd3a62fe369 *dmb2021-10-13t14.flac
b038529e85454d582c3e062cc2828637 *dmb2021-10-13t15.flac
4479878550942ff4c0e040707f0c31f6 *dmb2021-10-13t16.flac
131186d4f5b88cd1f0c8dee433ff32b9 *dmb2021-10-13t17.flac
62fa385ea48a13ed1aa65744874661d7 *dmb2021-10-13t18.flac
bcb51deeb8d748c127be4da0ca69789e *dmb2021-10-13t19.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB2021-10-13.mk4.naiant.flac16 (Mark Terrell)

    Thanks Matt! Great work as always by you guys
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    Re: DMB2021-10-13.mk4.naiant.flac16 (Mark Terrell)

    THANK YOU. Actually All of Summer 2014 was taped too.
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