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DMB2022-09-10.ck61.flac16 (Jason Johnson)

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Dave Matthews Band
Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre
Greenwood Village, CO
September 10, 2022

Taper: Jason Johnson (
Location: Sec 102 Row MM Seat 114, DIN @ 10'
Source: akg ck61s > nbob actives > SD MixPre-6ii (32/48)
Conversion: MixPre-6ii > Adobe Audition (dither) > Trader's Little Helper > Foobar2000

01 Intro
02 Granny
03 Pig
04 Eh Hee
05 Do You Remember
06 Fool to Think
07 If Only
08 So Right
09 Drunken Soldier
10 Grey Street
11 It's Your Thing
12 Intro to...>
13 Crush
14 Fool in the Rain
15 Come On Come On
16 Tripping Billies
17 Kill the Preacher*
18 Why I Am
19 So Damn Lucky
20 Everyday >
21 Ants Marching
22 Encore Break
23 Oh@
24 Pantala Naga Pampa >
25 Rapunzel

* Dave solo
@ Dave and Tim

24/48 version also exists.
Thanks to Ron for everything.
Slight phasing throughout due to mist/rain and wind.
Drop in audio level during Rapunzel was venue-related, not due to recording.

Compiled by Jason Johnson on September 12, 2022.

dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t01.flac:2b2980a024f8635c7b729d10bfd d407b
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t02.flac:c04ef063aac748187cdc04f4770 d6fb3
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t03.flac:c02c6622c44e03e4bcae4c3726c 15aea
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t04.flac:215714d48c152eefc34f58c820f d548b
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t05.flac:a24be15d355c74e3b29e8561669 41458
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t06.flac:13748bc27593885006b6684fca4 fbe58
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t07.flac:ee6ee5fbea32024f1857f6fa1ae ed7c9
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t08.flac:7a2f33a0ba91eaf9bf2ddb5470e 56afe
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t09.flac:173c9831d5a004260f595ba4ab8 75dee
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t10.flac:9611be388402acccabf1cc6e22f 076a4
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t11.flac:32b2975b13544e180294ff0c542 cd027
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t12.flac:14bb6fd240a0126f0aa38385119 27f19
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t13.flac:5855faea8b84146d1a7944ea996 3253f
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t14.flac:0ffabc192296fd79989d270ba24 deda8
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t15.flac:363fa9e54dc69fdccbe787829f6 079ec
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t16.flac:47c72023580c7a6657b114375f8 24218
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t17.flac:8e6ec31fe1176662c6fc0a1ffb4 3b262
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t18.flac:273a135799229b169a053062243 7607a
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t19.flac:9ffa6ca901e62df9dacf37e7ec4 22e34
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t20.flac:ed1c88a6480338f7e747f396349 0e393
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t21.flac:5e26b420bdc35ea657a4995cbca 93c85
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t22.flac:56cf220fe2afc7869e9104c5538 e9ebe
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t23.flac:47f230e5fbfc733c42e569a7c16 06b29
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t24.flac:5319bd6b3fe2d56643cc5d103f9 8693e
dmb2022-09-10.ck61.mp6ii.t25.flac:2c733d4f1882a130dc1c3778655 45d0b

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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