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D&T2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.flac16 (Zachary Semcken)

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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
19 February 2023
Moon Palace Resort - Beach Stage - Cancun, MX

*=*=*=*=*=* *=*=*=*=*=* *=*=*=*=*=*
*=*=*=*=* 16/48 RECORDING *=*=*=*=*
*=*=*=*=*=* *=*=*=*=*=* *=*=*=*=*=*

Taper: Zachary Semcken
Source: AKG C414 XLII (Hypercardioid) > MixPre 10 II (32 Bit Float @ 96)
Location: Approx. 150' from House Left Stack, Clamped to FOH cage, Mics DIN @ 15'
Editing: WAV > Reaper 6.75 (Gain, Mixing, Normalizing, Resample 32/48) > Audacity 3.2.4 (Fades, Tracking) > FLAC (Level 8)


01. Intro
02. Break Free¹
03. Dave Speak: Growing Old
04. Sweet¹
05. Rapunzel
06. Typical Situation
07. Dave Speak: Zinc Sunblock
08. So Much to Say
09. Cry Freedom
10. You & Me
11. Granny
12. Dave Speak: Sisters
13. Sister
14. Jimi Thing
15. A Tangled Web We Weave²
16. Oh
17. Minarets
18. Little Thing
19. Do You Remember
20. Dave Speak: Stinky Seaweed
21. Christmas Song³
22. Tripping Billies
23. Stream² >
24. Kashmir²⁴
25. Dave Speak: Molly Tuttle Introduction
26. Grace Is Gone⁵
27. Oh, Sister⁵⁶
28. Dave Speak: Hot Potato
29. Speed of the Sound of Loneliness⁵⁷
30. Yosemite⁵⁸
31. Ants Marching⁵
32. Encore Break
33. Dave Speak: Diaper Change
34. Some Devil¹
35. Two Step⁹

Set Time: [02:40:52.296]

Dave Matthews - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Tim Reynolds - Guitar, Effects Pedals


¹ Dave Solo
² Tim Solo
³ with Can't Buy Me Love and All You Need Is Love interpolations
⁴ Led Zeppelin cover
⁵ with Molly Tuttle on Guitar & Vocals
⁶ Bob Dylan cover
⁷ John Prine cover
⁸ Molly Tuttle song, live debut
⁹ with Time Bomb intro

Performed on a beach with constant wind off the water, so intermittent wind noise is expected throughout the recording. Sporadic aircraft noise can be heard due evening departures from Cancun International Airport. This is also an all inclusive resort, so the occasional intoxicated concert goer decided to make their presence known.

My undying gratitude to Red Light Management for making this recording possible.

This recording is dedicated to all the tapers that have taught me to love archiving live music.

Compiled on 2023/02/20.

;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.51 on 2023-02-20 19:38:37 +0000

d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t01.flac:e4487178a61502f281bccb64b9 561400
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t02.flac:c0cfbbae2233bae3a2b2947a7d 2cd939
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t03.flac:455e23e06e3f943d4cb1869491 37a7e6
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t04.flac:8f4348182b5a10c7c31698b684 bdcc63
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t05.flac:0ae95448c38416cd85e292b0ec 8bb929
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t06.flac:f45112296b807ef032f4715f1f 633281
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t07.flac:ae386916d0172b3d42e83e4695 1af4b3
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t08.flac:10eb6edec3125be3c1170976f6 030c27
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t09.flac:f778d6a7fe96b56ba98080df5a 48ab7e
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t10.flac:ddd302abf329d84d42db9853b8 00a4c7
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t11.flac:b747c41927956a5c065f4d4726 52f98c
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t12.flac:7dbfd80c0c0da3bc6b39e68a15 7eac90
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t13.flac:eac63ddc44b6ebd73d02629ce7 288543
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t14.flac:4685bf1eb3390ada5872cf6580 1972e1
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t15.flac:fb5fb0fcd6aabdb25eefe27779 75150e
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t16.flac:da3780751d1e54906ccceac5a3 dff020
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t17.flac:3b4d896e858c4a3653e8095b32 0807b2
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t18.flac:b8c8fb6650ebd9939958948383 4f0dab
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t19.flac:d5a72ff2a0c5baa52907a7b62f 3b964e
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t20.flac:966c80f251eb462dd81f17af58 92a8ff
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t21.flac:39904a23028ae7da7a464e6feb 51c8c4
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t22.flac:b1f3a3c4d028c34ce89c3866ef 77fdce
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t23.flac:39ab98c1e569e918b4a224f773 5ace23
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t24.flac:3fa9aaf95716ef18b31517e0e1 0b3b53
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t25.flac:17177bf715b2e7d3edd1d84848 e58674
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t26.flac:0655bc379dd0973584d1818556 efc63d
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t27.flac:71de19f6c308c1c851589c29fe e36113
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t28.flac:a8e293f56eaaa11535d3d3d4a1 4502de
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t29.flac:185f3b5d6911f371cac39bb411 1aab30
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t30.flac:80a904f3757ccc23d280a981de 71c2ef
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t31.flac:ba5735985329605cef3ca0d6d3 a1c8e0
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t32.flac:6cdd428f60e22db66b429f6a7e 499c5a
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t33.flac:209f295df083de3e9e9a2c0cd0 da6457
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t34.flac:7de5f182923b56869c15fdffae 38cf53
d+t2023-02-19.akgc414xlii.t35.flac:01cf166d99eef61c0df8ed7841 ce7bee

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

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