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DMB2024-06-28.ck61.flac16 (Jason Johnson)

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Dave Matthews Band
Ruoff Music Center (Deer Creek)
Noblesville, IN
June 28, 2024

Taper: Jason Johnson (
Location: Sec A Row P Seats 20/21, DIN @ 15'
Source: akg ck61s > nbob actives > SD MixPre-6ii (32/48)
Conversion: MixPre-6ii > Adobe Audition (hi-pass filter, dither, resample) > Trader's Little Helper > Foobar2000

01: Intro
02: Grey Street
03: #41
04: Idea of You
05: Do You Remember
06: Pantala Naga Pampa >
07: Seek Up
08: Warehouse
09: Madman's Eyes
10: You Never Know
11: Dancing Nancies
12: Black and Blue Bird
13: Rapunzel
14: Lying in the Hands of God >
15: American Baby Intro >
16: Break Free
17: Sledgehammer
18: Say Goodbye
19: You & Me
20: Ants Marching
21: Encore Break
22: Baby Blue *
23: You Might Die Trying

* Dave solo
Thanks to Scott and Kathy for the hospitality.
Thanks to Crumbo for the all the help.
Thanks to Drews for the tickets.

24/48 version also exists.

Compiled by Jason Johnson on June 29, 2024.

dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t01.flac:3363823bc063d168fe33a574316 6e746
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t02.flac:eaaec63faf8c15d2702e6f70b39 2c8a9
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t03.flac:929de58449bebf4fdfcd8047bdb 63acc
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t04.flac:72e8ec33d3960f30da4cef914e5 ac9b1
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t05.flac:383b187697131f475242d7b1379 68db5
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t06.flac:7e13d0d94bc973980c9459c7c51 9e1f6
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t07.flac:3552891780fe75f518bb2dd426a dadca
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t08.flac:287b67491872dbd43f64c09c963 5e74a
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t09.flac:18bb0c7a179946a295cbf8c58d0 ba56f
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t10.flac:011ab8109fe33f1fe9351da599d e44a2
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t11.flac:12ab85cf6e9a34179a1b705326e 8bfe1
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t12.flac:24caa19ceff4d3bafe2097fc82d a5fda
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t13.flac:9e6544270aa62860b226f9f56fa 2ccf6
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t14.flac:9497095ebeadc7b04baaf9e9b4b c7ffd
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t15.flac:7df7ae507a92aec72d519431a43 28e96
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t16.flac:2714f06ab8f7673b29465d572cf 76434
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t17.flac:61a3867afc71c5e0f8beeb6e189 96da4
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t18.flac:80bece94c3cdb4bbf2f0f2966b5 ce748
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t19.flac:97e7edbff0c9f185f0012fe3cfb 9a346
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t20.flac:d570578f85693485ad7e36d41f4 5db50
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t21.flac:67d736f703155d42d61d9ee2b4f 1ca4d
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t22.flac:85cbf449c9fa3821b3f9b5ff6cf 11dda
dmb2024-06-28.ck61.mp6ii.t23.flac:bba7227a4c49b388ca43ea759eb 68aff

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB2024-06-28.ck61.flac16 (Jason Johnson)

    Thank you so much! your tapes always smoke!
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    Re: DMB2024-06-28.ck61.flac16 (Jason Johnson)

    Any chance you were at the second night as well?
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