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Posted by Joe M in Band Brand at 8:59pm on Monday, Mar 18th, 2024

The time has come once again to make the community voice heard. We have the chance to give the band the distinction of "Two-Time Winner" of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame fan vote for this year's inductees. And hopefully, also influence the larger vote for the band to get an additional distinction. (*cough* Class of 2024, Performers Inductee - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame).

DMB was last nominated in 2020, the first year they were eligible, having reached a tenure of 25 years of music. Despite winning the fan vote that year, they did not make the cut for induction. DMB is once again vying for a spot among the 5-7 performers who will join the ranks of the R&R HoF's 378 inductees to date.

While the fan vote isn't a needle mover on its own, it is at least an important symbolic one. (The fan vote accounts for one ballot out of ~1000 (reportedly) ballots of artists, historians, and members of the music industry.) Dave himself has appreciated and used the vocal/symbolic fan vote for consoling following the 2020 snub.

Dave spoke of the 2020 vote and outcome on the Howard Stern show. "First of all, I was voting furiously. I was on speed dial on a whole rack of phones. If there’s any outcome that could arguably be better than actually getting into the Hall — not to say there’s anything better than getting into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. But if there was anything better, it would be if the fans overwhelmingly voted for you to get in and you still weren't let in. I can live with that."

If you're wondering/questioning the classification/definition of "rock and roll", rest assured it's not a strict or narrow one. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recognizes the broad influence and evolution of rock music, which admittedly includes a variety of genres. As example, current inductees include Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Jay-Z, and Dolly Parton, who aren't probably first thoughts when it comes to "rock and roll".

Now, for any Hall of Fame voters who have stumbled upon this, maybe because you are taking your vote seriously and researching/reviewing bands you may not be as familiar with, first "Hi!" and "Thank you!". But second may we just say, this band without a doubt meets and exceeds all the criteria for consideration across Influence & Impact, Length & Depth of Career, and Innovation & Superiority.

With a career depth that has spanned quite the dynamic music industry timeline, including a consistent/constant 33+ years, 10 studio albums, and the record for most consecutive studio albums to debut at #1 by a group, with 7. DMB has a body of work of over 100 live releases, a catalog of over 200 original songs, and a top touring act with over 25 million tickets sold (placing essentially behind only U2 for most.) Their influence spans a wide range of examples, including the likes of Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Zac Brown Band, O.A.R., etc. And lastly (attempting brevity, of extensive resume), related to Innovation & Superiority in style and technique, this band has created and defined their own genre, and it features the highest regarded musicians within each of the respective instruments. (Oh! One more. I mean, doesn't every "pop rock quiz" have a chance for bonus points? Well this band has been a major (silent) donator to the sustainability of the arts/music via their Bama Works fund/foundation.)

It's time for the Dave Matthews Band to be inducted. (Plus, Ozzy is nominated this year but is already inducted as part of Black Sabbath in 2006, so let's share the love.)

And Dave Matthews is no stranger to supporting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. To start, Dave Matthews (Band) has already had a presence in the actual museum. A display that includes the outfit that Dave wore in the I Did It music video, along with original handwritten setlists and photos from performances. Additionally, Dave Matthews has ceremony inducted both Willie Nelson (2023) and Traffic (2004) into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, including a performance at the induction ceremony last year.

Voting couldn't be easier, it can be in as little as 2 clicks each day. Just visit vote.rockhall.com, select 'Dave Matthews Band', and click 'Submit'. (To fight duplicate votes you specify a login. If you have a Google/Apple/Amazon login, you can click the respective button and they will take care of that part for you, or register with your email. If you pick "remember me" then each day is a simple 2-clicks.)

The latest standings / leaderboard can be viewed at vote.rockhall.com/standings

Currently (at time of writing), after about a month of voting to date, DMB has 304,950 fan votes. Of note, the last time DMB won the top spot of the fan vote it took just over 1 million fan votes. Voting ends April 26th and there are “40” days to get/keep the band at “#1” (ZOMG! “Forty” - “One”), so let's make each remaining day count and vote daily. (Update: The voting page recently says vote until April 15th, so we shall see when it closes.)

For extra reminders and some fun, join with the band's website / socials in their #voteDMBeveryday fan rally (at davematthewsband.com), including a newsletter with daily throwbacks. We'll be posting the same over the next 40 days to join the fun. (Then come late April / early May, the inductees are expected to be announced.)

So please vote each day, 2 clicks, and let's make 2024 the year DMB gets the recognition they deserve in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (or at the least, retain the top irony spot.)

Vote! vote.rockhall.com



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