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Special Photo Gallery - DMB Northerly 2021

Posted by Joe M in Tour News at 6:13pm on Tuesday, Aug 17th, 2021

For many it has been way too long since there were Dave Matthews Band shows. Some have been lucky enough to see one of the first 11 shows. Some have no choice but to be more patient and wait a bit longer. You may have forgotten what it's like to be at a DMB show, or even what the members look like, ha. (How's that Carter COVID beard looking?) Ants has you covered in pretty much every other aspect, we figure might as well cover you from that perspective too.

So we enlisted the help of long time Ants member Boywonder44 to help us capture some of the energy from this band returning to touring in a special photo gallery. (In a more professional settings Boywonder44 likes to be referred to as Brett Bergen. [We dont get why either.]) He recently attended the Northerly Island (Chicago) weekend, joined our Ants tailgate (Thanks to everyone that came out!), brought his camera, and were lucky enough that hes sharing some of his shots from the concert with the community. (If you want to check out his other live concert photography, you can see them here. He's previously shot TR3, Umphreys McGee, 311, STS9 and a slew of others (ie, DMB, ha.))

Click on the Dave image to the left to go through the gallery of ~60 great photos.
(To view from DMB Hub App, click on the Dave thumbnail after you click here .)

Thanks to Brett for sharing! Let the reminiscing begin. And for those still waiting to attend upcoming show, may the countdown go a bit speeder for you!



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