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antsmarching.org Setlist Game Rules

Here at AntsMarching.org, our goal is to bring you, the fan, the most interactive experience possible. That's why we created our Setlist Game, designed so you can show off just how well you can predict the band's sets. You can select up to 25 songs for each show the band plays, and up to 35 when Dave and Tim tour together. Points are awarded for correctly guessing a song that is played that night, and extra points are awarded if you correctly guess where in the set it will be played. Each night, points are totaled and rankings are displayed showing the top setlist predictors.

IMPORTANT / NEW: Setlist Game selections must be made no later than one hour prior to each show's listed start time. For example, for the 2023 DMB Summer Tour, most shows are listed with a 7:30pm local start time. That means picks will lock at 6:30pm local show time.

If there is a mistake on the server side, and picks are still able to be made after the cutoff time, it is still your responsibility to be an honest player and stick to the times above. Pick times are recorded, and picks changed/updated after the cutoff time are grounds for disqualification from that particular show.


2 points will be awarded for guessing a song that was played that night, but not in the correct spot in the setlist.
6 points will be awarded for guessing the correct spot in the set a song was played
3 points will be deducted for each extra song that you guess. (If you pick 20 songs to be played, and the band plays 18, you lose 6 points.)
If the last song that you choose is the encore closer for the band, you are awarded 4 bonus points.(Total of 6 points if you incorrectly chose which spot it would be played in, 10 if you correctly choose the spot in which its played.)
If you correctly guess the opener, you are awarded 4 bonus points.


There are spots for up to 25 songs to be chosen. By default, each dropdown box contains "No Pick". Make your choices, starting the encore right where the first set leaves off, and if you think the band will play less than 25 songs, then leave any extra choices as "No Pick".

If you think the band will play a new song, then simply pick "New Song", and scoring will continue as usual. When scoring has completed, you will receive credit for selecting a new song. Also, Tim has been known to play some of his original songs while out on tour with Dave. All known Tim songs are in our database, so you may pick from the list. If he plays a song not in our database, then we will score it as a New Song for that show, and then as that song's title for the rest of the tour.

In order to consolidate and clean up the picks list, we have removed some older/rarer songs from the list of selectable songs. If you think the band will play a song that they have played previously but is not listed to be picked choose "Old DMB Song/Cover". A listing of all the songs that fall into this category can be found here. The list consists of songs that have not been played in a long time, or the likelihood of being played again is not very good.

Special Circumstances:

You probably have noticed that our song list contains Anyone Seen the Bridge? as a separate song. If the setlist page on dmband.com shows something such as So Much To Say -> Too Much, it is considered 3 songs according to our setlist game (So Much -> Anyone Seen -> Too Much).

Teases have also been known to show up on the dmband.com setlist page, and a tease will only be counted if it does indeed show up. Even if it was played, a tease will not be entered into the setlist as a song played unless it shows up on the dmband.com setlist page. The same goes for the Heartbeat intro to Pantala Naga Pampa. If it is somehow mentioned on the setlist page, via "Jam" or otherwise, it will count as it being played in the set.

If a show is truncated, canceled, postponed or otherwise partially performed and not completely finished, it will only be scored if at least 50% of the show has been performed, determined by the average number of songs played per show up to that point in the tour. If a tour is averaging 20.47 songs per show, and the band plays 10 songs before weather forces them off the stage, the show will *not* be scored in the Setlist Game. That same show *will* be scored if 11 or more songs were played.


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