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Before we say anything else, we would like to thank you for visiting the store area of antsmarching.org. By purchasing antsmarching.org merchandise, you are directly supporting the operation and maintenance of the site, and are responsible for helping it stay in operation for what we hope is a very long time.

About the Store
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We currently utilize PayPal for our shopping cart system. PayPal is the world's #1 online payment processing site, and it enables us to provide our users access to our products without forcing you to sign up for yet another account. If you have a credit card, you can support our site.

antsmarching.org bottle openers
Introducing the AntsMarching.org Churchkey. A completely custom-made aluminum bottle opener, fit with a matching chain and loop so it can easily attach to your keychain. If you've been a member of the site long enough, you might recall (or even own!) an older AntsMarching.org bottle opener. It was the shape of a key, blue, and simply had our logo and "antsmarching.org" printed on it. For the Churchkey, we wanted to take it to the next level, and oh have we ever. This inaugural edition of the Churchkey sports a dark weathered finish and is the AntsMarching.org logo. That's right, you can literally open your (root) beer with the Ants logo! A small notch at the bottom of the "A" serves as the lip catch to keep the Churchkey small and contained; no long dangling openers hanging from your keychain! We're extremely excited to offer this to our members.
Currently Out Of Stock

antsmarching.org t-shirts
We cracked our knuckles and think we came up with a couple pretty solid designs for our t-shirts. 100% cotton all around, our men's and ladies' designs are sure to please. Bold enough for tailgating, yet stylish enough for everyday lounging.

They're high quality t-shirts, example the girl's shirts are American Appearel, the same that many band's use for their shirts, including some band's that many of you are very familiar with. We have done everything possible to keep these prices as low as possible. Men's Shirts are only $15!, and Women's Fitted Shirts are only $18!. Shipping is a pain, and not cheap, that's why we decided to eat as much of it as possible and roll it into one easy method. For every two shirts shipping is only $5! Take that! You do the math. Free shipping on the second shirt!
Currently Out Of Stock

antsmarching.org stickers
We've brought back our static-cling stickers, this time with a completely new design. 4" x 4", clear background, metallic silver print. This sticker is small enough to throw in any window corner, but still strongly features our ant-head logo in brilliant metallic silver.
Currently Out Of Stock


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