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Dave Matthews Band
January 20, 2001
Rock in Rio For a Better World, City of Rock, Rio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro

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Show Reviews

User: +BBB+
Excellent show, as always, but they only played for an hour or so... Still waiting for them to come and do a show at the Maracana Stadium! A 3 hour show!

Sunny Rio! Sweltering hot! I saw this one from the first row again! The big stage, named Palco Mundo(Stage World) of gigantic proportions had hosted excellent concert during the whole week! 200,000 people to watch a night when DMB, Sheryl Crow and Neil Young would play. Since Neil was The Star of the night, DMB was going to be an opening act, which in the back of our minds meant it was going to be a short concert. The gig was awesome! Short but full of energy! They picked the Crash tunes and made a fantastic blend of sounds. There was also a very long #41 when Dave sang verses of a coming tune- Everyday. AATW, crowd singing along, and closing they had 200,000 people clapping dictating the rythm to Ants Marching, which was a great song to finish the concert, since it is very popular in Brasil. The crowd wanted more, I guess they wanted to play more, however, because the concerts were late and N. Young was the main concert of the night after the 50 minute gig when they stopped to breath, production started to unplug systems and to rotate the stages, the concert was over and the crowd was pissed. A friend who watched on tv said that Dave was interviewed and was upset because they had more tunes to play. Shame. No encore, but the reward of getting to know the band in Copacabana Beach where they walked oblivious of the crowd every day of their stay in Rio. Extremely nice people! Which is rare among the artists of nowadays. hopefully Brasil will see a 3 hour gig soon, the fans deserve it!

User: Fresh

User: jimaxwell
250,000 people. Going to Rio to see this show is one of the highlights of my life. My wife and I had VIP seats and were just blown away by the spectacle of it all.

User: joaodeiro
Great show!! In my second DMB gig, I finally got to see #41 live!! Great night, great people around, a shame the show lasted so little, but I loved it...

User: LoboJim
Sat in the VIP tent as I was working for one of the sponsors at the time. We were surrounded my celebrity that we had no clue about. The music was strong, but we were very far from the stage. On the same bill was Neil Young, so this was a very special evening for my wife and I.

User: setlist
One of the top 5 shows I have ever seen!!

User: VictorMaia
Too Short, but still a good show!


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