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Dave Matthews
May 26, 2001
Blue Room Jazz Club - Aladdin Casino & Resort, Las Vegas, NV

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Show Reviews

User: 1Davehead
Private show. I got a talking to for taking a picture of Dave while he was going off on Bartender

User: bigeyedfeesh
What a cool show. There were about 50 people in the whole place, I got set up at Aladdin and got tix for FREE. Rolled my face off and go straight to the band's concert 2hrs later.

User: kevnsuj
Very intimate show. Hope to see DM or DMB in a setting like this again sometime.

User: luvdmbmayer
Absolutely amazing...it was a dream come true.

User: m_matthews41
very intimate Dave only show.

User: nacy
Yep, yep! I was one of the lucky few who got to go to this private Dave solo show at the Blue Note (not Blue Room), in the Aladdin Hotel. This was SOO cool. It was awfully crowded for a private show, but it was still awesome. We even got free hors d'oevers (sp?) before the show started. We had a great time at the Aladdin - I highly recommend it (even though the Blue Note club is gone now).

User: riikonomiko
This was the ultimate .... Dave was so awsome!!!

User: rrrango95
Great solo set

User: whowhowag
Though I called and called and called, I couldn't get through to win tix. And then I tried making a sign and dressing in stars to show up at Dodger Stadium to win, but going on a Tour bus with a group of people isn't exactly a flexible situation. However, thanks to my incredible boss who's a high roller at Alladin, my husband and I got two passes to this inimate and amazing solo Dave acoustic set. Tried to use the cellie to broadcast it to our friends but was told negative. When we got back from Vegas, my boss said he heard that Dave was pretty irritated that high rollers were given passes and not all fans were necessarily in the audience. Unfortunately, I think Dave wasn't especially nice about it, but I think it's great that he's vouching for us!


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