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Dave Matthews Band
July 17, 2001
South Texas Amphitheater, Selma, TX

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Show Reviews

User: amyheartsdmb
JTR as an encore and the lovely ladies on angel...what else is there to say.

User: astep
This was my first DMB show! Life altering experience for me. I was absolutely hooked!!!!

User: CarCas
This was the fist sold out event at the amphitheater, I remember this well because I worked there at the time. This is the show that got me hooked!!

User: cph9680
It was my first DMB show, my sister took me for my 21st birthday. It was awesome!

User: cte515
Wow the traffic was horrible. I believe this was the second show at the venue ever. First Dave show in SA. After finding a super secret back way into the venue we made it for the opening warehouse. Very good show, could have done with out the 3 day angel with the lovely ladies, but JTR was a solid, golden ending. Was suppose to be Stay but JTR was great sub cause the Lovely Ladies would have gone on for another week with Stay.

User: Davemband0
good show

User: DMBjordie
This was my fourth or fifth DMB show and my first in my hometown (kinda, well close enough). I was pumped to see the boys and I do remember some traffic, but I knew the back way in. I wish I knew as much about DMB then as I know now because on paper this show seems absolutely amazing. I do remember the Lovely Ladies and I remember dancing on the lawn till my feet hurt and then dancing some more! Good Times!

review written in 2008, i'm new...

User: hotmomof2
We got stuck in the most horrible traffic 2 MILES from the show....missed about half of it. Rats.

User: janelikesdmb
The first and only time seeing the Lovely Ladies. DMB's first San Antonio gig. Grey Street opener blew me away, eventhough there were many lawn goers who didn't know what the heck was going on. First time hearing Warehouse live. Angel, JTR, BEF into Bartender.......... another great night with the boys

User: KismetKitten
Another good show... Boyfriend and I loved this show because it wasn't in HOUSTON!

User: ksbarlow
First DMB concert ever! Got there late, but arrived during "Crash Into Me." Enjoyed the rest of the show wide-eyed and jaw a'gaping. Great music.

User: mandy4034
My first SOBER Dmb show ;)

User: melsrvec
Loved it

User: nickcua
A little bit of BEF made everything all right.

User: rmcbeth
good show, writing review in 2006 :)

User: rnreekez
Incredible setlist. This was actually my first dave concert, the tix were giving to me by my dad who is a HUGE dave fan. At the time I only knew of the songs that got radio play. I was blown away by this concert. Now 3 yrs down the road, I would feel blessed to recieve a setlist like this. If only I knew then when I know now.

User: UpAndAway
Well being this my first DMB concerts, and now one of many, it is one to be remembered. A very good show with greats like "When the World Ends "Two Step", and "Bartender". Although being close in the seats at a Dave concert is phenomonal, I have advice I would like to share. My advice fellow DMB lovers is that if you can not get within the first 5 rows why bother? I prefer the lawn where you can stand up and dance to the music with the all-too-familiar haze floating above the atmosphere. It's great when you and friends can just dance and chill out and the lawn and not have to worry about the annoying "Stingies" in the seats. And of course in the lawn it is much easier to "feel better for a small time" (wink wink). Well just a few pearls of wisdom from an Avid DMB lover


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