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Dave Matthews Band
June 20, 2000
Polaris Amphitheatre, Columbus, OH

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Show Reviews

User: bjressler

User: bobcats68
#40, I love it!

User: Caesar024
A night of firsts. This was my buddy Paul's first show. He never knew how many cute boys go to see DMB. Also the first time I ever smoked. Wow, what a difference it could make at a concert! Also the first time I ever heard a bunch of the LWS songs. Pretty sure the first time Sweet Up and Down and Raven were played, but I could be wrong...

User: digitaldave
Great show, one of my top shows ever! First time I heard Grey Street and only the second time it was played! I know that recently Dave has been omitting the last verse or the song, but what I really miss, for those of you who saw it in 2000 on tour, was the extra chorus that was originally at the end. During the 2000 tour Dave sang two choruses after the final verse, not just one.

User: Everybody Burns
First Dave show ever...brother dragged me to Col where he was at school and all I knew of Dave at the time was that "every dog has it's day" song I had heard on the radio. Thus started an obsession that has lived on for years since.

User: evice7
Awesome to hear all the new stuff in one night. One of the lucky few to have heard #40, Sweet Up and Down, and Raven

User: hamm1a
The first Raven played full band, also first time JTR the reworked version was played and I love Sweet Up and Down

User: Jeffslugs
Second show, started strong, finished even better j

User: jw209
To this day, we still question why they'd open with Satellite and play Best second...

User: KenMoore00
first show. it was great

User: Mattio27

User: Meisernb
Awesome show, the energy was amazing back on that tour and always sat around the same warehouse ticket holders before that became corrupt

User: PSUJake
one of the finest shows i have ever seen. the new stuff is amazing, especially sweet up and down!

User: silverxyu
Raven, JTR, Diggin A Ditch, Grey Street, Bartender! Amazing!

User: Stewz
Unreal show, best one I have seen

User: The J2H
Oh man....I got Warehouse upgrades to the front row!!! So for all that I care, the guys could have made farting noises the entire night and I would have loved it. The show was awesome anyways. I loved the new intro for One Sweet World. Help Myself was a pleasant surprise. Watchtower mid set was a treat. Great show, all in all.

User: wicketjedi
Great first show!


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