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Dave Matthews Band
September 8, 2000
MARS Music Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL

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Show Reviews

User: Andy78atd

User: BackWater
great show, I think I remember it rained on us though.

User: creeemd

User: Dave G.
I was pretty dissapointed because all the people around us were of high school age and were constantly talking during the show!! It was my only DMB show so I'm jonesing to see another :) Dave

Great day! Erica, my girlfriend, who I met while humming Ants Marching in an airplane wanted to go to a DMB concert and TPA's was already sold out. Saw it from the first row on the grass, which is quite far from the stage. It poured prior to the concert but the rain relented just before the start. OSW was a great warm up to SMTS. Too much R&R and True Reflections were cool, then came the unknown stuff, Raven-JTR-Grace Is Gone and Grey Street. Crowd was kind of cold, for these were new tunes being worked on. I liked JTR, and Grey Street has potential to become a future hit. AATW in the middle of the concert is different then when it is played in the end, but works. A long Jimi Thing followed by PNP and Rapunzel closed the first 2 1/2 hours. Encore comes with a big surprise-I'll back you up. Lovely tune! Erica in my arms singing in my ears as were other couples in our vicinity. WWYS couldn't be better placed, closing a great concert! A lot of fun! Princesa, eu te amo!

User: dmbgator
Three shows in the span of week, and I kept having to go back to school for classes, tests and a bunch of other crap, but what a great time. And though it rained like crazy, I got to hear I'll Back You Up and it made the tired, heat, and exhastion leave and oh what year.

User: dsm02c

User: fldavefan
great place as i always see ..this place brings out the jam in dave and i love it

User: FuzzyHead03
down here on vacation before school starts. did you know that there are a lot of hot chicks in Florida? well, i am here to tell you- there area a LOT. oh yeah the show was great. Jimi and JTR were "stupendous" (that's what one of the hot chicks said, so i stole it. haha bitch, but you were way hot.)

User: g8rjon
Awesome concert - kinda muddy. I went there kind of late with my friends, but ran into another friend in college that had arrived much earlier with his cool ass parents. They had originally laid down blankets (since it was really muddy) and it was probably as big as an average sized living room (I mean, they blocked off a lot of space) in line w/ the center of the stage. So, it was by good fortune to run into them! They were very laid back even for us to poke some smot. Then while we were leaving some dumb sh*t hit us with his car while we were parked.........while we were parked!

User: Jamima2fl
Good time.

My brother wrecked our car in the traffic outside of the venue... Fortunately it was my cousin's car that he hit.

User: jjqflorida
great first DMB show

User: ktyladie
great show.. too bad i dont have it tho :(

User: larrybox34
really good setlist, rain destroyed everything, didn't hold us down tho. great time

User: Lilmalanga
Great Show.

User: lionzion420
3rd row, closest ive ever been, caught a drumstick from carter, and not one that was brand new, it was one of the ones he used during the show....best concert i have ever seen

User: muffinmanpe
Great Show! Pretty hot night :-)

User: pablortega

User: polkie420
My first show! Had a great time in West palm and a great show, too. Wish I kinda remembered more of it.

User: stevieg
Great show! Lots of fun. Mellow at times, but a really good taste of new songs.

User: Vinnyjr79
great times, great motel ($20) great beer. Chuck and I didn't know the name to R&R. We were calling it "6 feet under" Great tour with "The summer so far" songs.


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