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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
February 20, 1999
Murray State University, Murray, KY

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Show Reviews

User: bknapp4dave
Close to my hometown- had to come! What a set! They opened with one of my favorites- Crush! Played Halloween and a great encore set as well!

User: blakers81
First it's Murray, KY not Kansas. The show was my first and a great one. Dave opened with Crush and after only few bars stopped and said something like if this were a race it'd be a restart and he started over. Great first show. Good stories. Tim played two solos. The bad thing is people took that time like it was intermission which pissed me off. But other wise a good show.

User: diggs
I wish I could find a recording of the show. I remember being so pumped to see it.

User: FreedomCryer
excellent show, best show i was at to date

User: greystreetspaz

User: haak931
Great show, unfortunately people in Murray don't get out much and acted like Jackassess for a lot of the show. Dave got a little annoyed at times and I think made a wrestling comparison at one point.... little fuzzy though Great show though, Venue was a very small theatre... bout 2500 people I say acoustics sounded good.

User: helloleland
I was actually pretty shell shocked at this one. I worked Public Address for MSU so I was chosen to help with audio setup. I got to meet Dave and Tim and work with the crew. Sat through sound check and watched most of the show from backstage. Still have my all access pass. I do remember some frustration regarding the crowd but all in all a good show.


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