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Show Reviews
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
March 25, 1999
Mainstage Theatre - University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

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Show Reviews

User: capucci
The most amazing show that I was ever at. I would give up all of my DMB shows for this one D & T show. My only time seeing Beauty of Wynona.

User: Chuckstyle
This was my first Dave Matthews show of any kind, and it was out of this world. I had seats in the very back row of this small venue, but the sound was exceptional. What I wouldn't give to go back and watch this show again.

User: Dazee52
This was my first and only Dave concert! Was a Christmas present from my bf and my sister. Concert got postponed so I had to wait another month to see the show!! The crowd was something else....ie Wild Horses...some dude is baaing like a sheep...then the other guy about 5 rows down in the balcony stands up and screams I Love you Dave. It screwed Dave up so they went to the next song! He couldn't stop laughing. Tim was amazing in the solo he did. I've never heard guitar like that in my life. I must say that it was one of my favorite college memories shared with my two favorite people at the time.

User: gregory311
Despite a rather loud and obnoxious crowd, this was by far the best Dave show I have been to. The whole acoustic thing lent for a more diverse set list, and the Davespeak was terrific. Would love to get this show!!!

User: jajohns8
Had to sit outside the auditorium and wait for tickets from the box office, so I missed the first few tunes. Fun show...last on this tour I think. I remember Wild Horses getting interrupted by some moron in the audience. I remember talking to other tapers and drooling over some guys Schoeps rig.....

User: Johnny Blaze
Awesome, can't beat dave and tim!

User: starryeyes2b
My first taste of Dave live!

User: timalinalin
Went with my uncle and it was the shiznit

User: Tripp'nBillie57
cool fun show..grade is A


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