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Dave Matthews Band
July 9, 1999
Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA

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Show Reviews

User: alec
Awesome show...my first Help Myself and a #41 opener is always a good thing.

User: AnE1otherThanMe
my first show. i was mesmerized and my parents loved it. got home from irvine at 2am and VH1 was showing the Dave & Tim Storytellers. Great night. LIOG was unreal.

User: AzKim1
Hate Irvine. Will never see a show there again. Seats were not the best but they rocked as usual.

User: calteri
This was my first Dave Matthews show and I had my first understanding of why everyone loves the Dave Matthews band. The show was amazing and really turned me into a big fan. I'm sure my experience was about the same as everyone's first Dave show. Amazing!

User: dps225
My first DMB show. Took my dad for his birthday. He didn't really know quite what the deal was. 5 years later he's taking me to three shows and can't wait!

User: greybart41
Excellent show.

User: hanssd1
From what I remember...great.. :)

User: jaks34
First Show....I was in the Lawn and they all looked like Ants!

User: jaks420
My first show. I was in the lawn and I don't remeber anything but watching the lights move and the crowd dance in sway left to right. Thank god it was recorded and get to listen to it to remeber the set list!

User: JForster
My first show

User: jwhyland
Shrrooms in a public place is a bad idea. Especially when DMB is frying up your brain!

User: MsGump617
Fell in love with the lawn :)

User: nacy
L.A. show. Bad crowd - some good tunes, but we didn't enjoy ourselves.

User: serconk
Too bad the crowd had no idea what song was being played when Help Myself was played.

User: whodat
Fun show. Great seats. A friend had a photopass for the show from the bands management. She got a killer shot of Dave that she framed and gave to me. Lady behind us got sick during Proudest Monkey. I am not sure her date was two proud, holding her hair back as she lost her lunch all over his shoes. Another DMB show, another story to tell.


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