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Show Reviews
Dave Matthews Band
July 30, 1999
Blockbuster Pavilion, Charlotte, NC

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Show Reviews

User: bbbohn

User: cheezycow
Great Show!

User: cualexander
Wonderful show as always.

User: DMBDaisy99
Met Dave at this show!

User: dmbinAR
Ticket Upgrade to front row center.

User: Heyberto
Not a bad show, but not a great show. Exceptionally hot this year, and I think it weighed the band down. Nothing special to report about this one.

User: jimmi_thang
This was my first Dmb show. I'm not sure how to describe it other than both just what I expected and life changing. It was awesome!

User: limbstan
Set list was ok, Two Step was great as usual. Encore was kind of a let down though but other than that.

User: mave_datthews
front row center. what else can i say?

User: mtheibert
Freaking amazing

User: naturchico
first dave show ever!

User: rooksax3
Pretty darn good for my 1st Dave show.

User: skimoreh20
Awesome show. I was turning into a huge DMB fan. Had seen Dave and Tim a few months before, so it was awesome to see the whole band.

User: SlateDMB
This show was great. It was my third show and it didn't disappoint. This year was when I really started to watch the setlists although i had been an insane fan since 93 (when I was 11, can you believe that?!)...so I expected THE STONE as an opener and then of course DDTW after that, because they had been doing that for a while. R&R and #41 I also expected. All 4 of these were standard, but great! LIOG was a pleasant surprise and it rocked. ASTB->TOO MUCH was unexpected w/out So Much. PIG was the shit as always! TWO STEP kicked ass! When THE DREAMING TREE started I went to get a t-shirt (how stupid was I) but I listened the whole time and this song is waaaay underrated. PNP->RAPUNZEL was good, it was around this time that the band started to slow the song down a bit. JIMI was long and the end jam was crazy! Then my first ANTS!! Encore: #40 was cool to hear although it was only a minute and a half tease and then WWYS which, I thought, wasn't the greatest way to end the concert. I was hoping for my first Watchtower, but it was still a great show.

User: slygrooves2dmb
My first show. Afterwards I was hooked for life.

User: voxeddie27
8th show


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