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Dave Matthews Band
April 17, 1998
Victory Stadium, Roanoke, VA

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Show Reviews

User: andthegrittys
I remember a blue water, and a little thing tease before Jimi Thing started. I see where it says that the setlist is pretty much unknown. I remember that it started the exact same way the next days show did. Except at the show, no Dreaming Tree. That was for US!!!

User: bknapp4dave
Went with some friends from school- stayed with other friends they knew- floor piled with people passed out after the show.

User: kooksdmb
18 years old. 6th
show at that point. Drove 6 hours with best friend and fellow Dave head. Full sounchck night before show and first BTCS live performance for a crowd of maybe 100. High in life couldn't sleep so spent night under blanket on bridge near stadium singing new tunes and eating chili from our camp stove. Spent balance of night sleeping in a garbage bag in woods just outside stadium waiting for first light to get in line for afternoon concert. Buddy had major stomach illness from Quiznos sun. First in line in am to get in stadium. Hours passed cool fans. Gates open mad dash to rail guy n leg cast next to me in line getting run over by anxious fans decides to jump cast and all down flight of steps to make the field. Didn't work out so well for him as fans spilled to the rail. I was in rail whole show. Still remember what Dave was wearing. My first time being ufront. Felt totally connected to music and the whole vibe. Concert was really good... Not my top show but defiantly my most vivid experience at a DMB show. I remember every detail of the 2 days. Life changing. Music cured food poison guy on crutches made it to rail. Best friend attended show with me and still have picture of us on bridge that night. RIP Brian Seidel may you always dance the night away ( passes in motorcycle accident years later) but this show will be burned into my memories forever for the good times, best friends and moving musical scene.

User: pzwish
Bad weather, good show.

User: Rhythmjunkie
This was the best music experience I have ever been a part of. Got to meet the entire band and hung out with them for about an hour! Dave was drinking Heinekins

User: Virgina
Kristen and Tricia's road trip.


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