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Dave Matthews Band
April 26, 1998
New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Fair Grounds Race Course, New Orleans, LA

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Show Reviews

User: darren783
First DMB show, first live experience. Way different from the Crash studio recordings but far better than studio tunes.

User: ekuhner
always a great show... hopefully they will be able to return to New Orleans...

User: Nolabayer
Great memories of music. Jazz Fest is always over crowded.

User: regan
back of lawn w j

User: sidf
Halloween is always awesome!!!

User: wwput
I had been a Dave fan for several years, but every time they came to Houston, Texas, I had a football game that I was in. Finally, my sophomore year of college we took an awesome road trip to New Orleans to see an amazing show!! Its been a while but the highlights were Crush and Halloween. I had never heard Crush before and you can never replace hearing a song for the first time again. When I heard Holloween, I didn't appreciate it like I should have becuase, while loving it, I assumed it would be played with much more frequency now that it was appearing on the new album. Well I was wrong!!! Great show and GREAT FOOD too!!


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