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Dave Matthews Band
May 5, 1998
Arrow Hall, Mississauga, Ontario

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Show Reviews

User: dixie_chicken
My very first Dave show - and all by myself because none of my friends had heard of Dave!!!

User: jchas41
Dave lost his voice midway through the show, made for the worse DMB show I've seen. :(

User: joel_w
This was my first DMB show. It was right after Before These Croweded Streets was realeased. Great great show. DMB did not dissapoint.

User: Jooser
My first DMB show!

User: killymagee2000
This was my first show, and the show that got me hooked.

User: Lothian
Great show! I felt there was a lot of engery at this show. I love the Tripping Billies opener.

User: mdaddona
Met dave, and had a poster i made signed by carter, dave, and stephan :)

User: SkiPiggy
Awesome show since it was at a smaller venue.

User: tim_brandt
This was a very unique venuw for a dmb show. It was an open convention hall that was general admission. We got there earlier and jockied for position. I remember getting to a first row, unobstructed view and then one of our friends got sick and had to puke. That put us at the back - but it was sweet while it lasted. 'All Along The Watchtower' rocked, even from the back row.


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