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Dave Matthews Band
August 29, 1998
Walnut Creek Amphitheatre, Raleigh, NC

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Show Reviews

User: 98Ants
I remember a strong storm coming and the air was so thick and humid. They started with Seek Up then straight into the heartbeat. I've been a fan of Seek Up openers ever since. This was probably my favorite show. I've seen more rare shows, but the energy was just there with this one.

User: Anne#41
My first DMB concert! I didn't really liked the band before I went to the concert so I didn't know a lot of the songs on the setlist. I was still a great concert and sinces then I have been hooked

User: Bourbon & Blue
Great show! 2nd in two nights for me/

User: go heels
In my humble opinion '98 was the year DMB really blew up. All the shows were selling out real quick and this show was the first time i had heard "The Last Stop" live with the alternate ending. Itwas a hot night and DMB heated it up some more!


User: machugh
First Show

User: mjdavenport
This was a great show. Dave was wearing a bright pink shirt...it was so hot and humid the shirt was dark crimson with sweat by halfway through the show...(he wore the same shirt the next night). LeRoi passed out during The Last Stop (during the LONG outro). After LeRoi was gone, I remember Dave and Boyd going back to talk with Carter and Stefan, then returning and saying the next song would be Granny ---I think LeRoi's exit changed the setlist a bit. He did return, and the show was great, despite a weak encore and the fact that it was still 90 degrees at 11:30 pm

User: mrjiggyfly
Seek Up as the opener was phenomenal!! Fantastic show - another top 3.

User: voxeddie27
5th Sow


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