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Dave Matthews Band
October 3, 1996
DMBLive - Madison Square Garden, New York, NY 10/3/1996, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

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Show Reviews

User: GraceBuckley
Amazing show, and fell in love with Soul Coughing as well at these shows. 1st MSG show - magic!

User: LeahCzar
Went to this show for my friends birthday and we had a security escort to our seats...we walked across the stage right before dave came out! it was awesome :o)

User: luckycbf
my first show :) (i had HORRIBLE seats)

User: Luke41

User: MistreatedLewis
This was my first show ever and it was a life changing experience. I was a huge fan of the first two major label albums, but new very little about the DMB live experience or live music in general (I had only been to one other concert, and it was Hootie and the Blowfish. Wow.) Anyway, I was hooked from the opening sax solo on Seek Up, and the band continued to impress me with their musical prowess, Dave's humor (he actually used to talk back in those days), and with the entire atmosphere. I disticntly remember the highlites including Seek Up, and to this day I remember this as one of th ebest Roi solos I have ever heard. Other ones included the first time I ever heard the song Granny, a rousing version of Too Much (my favorite song of the time), haunting versions of 41 and Typical, a short but sweet for certain Two Step, and a rocking Billies. I really did enjoy every song that I heard, but, unfortunately, I ended the night a little bit early. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I had left the show after Drive In Drive Out. I would be a lot more angry if I haven't seen them 12 more times since!

User: providence

User: randallstone
Went with Jen.

User: robcdrums
my 1st dmb show. i'm a drummer, carter's my man, and i had a great view from behind him. great show, drive in was intense. this show began my obsession.

User: scung29
My first DMB show ever...I was never the same again!


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