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Dave Matthews Band
October 7, 1996
Bryce Jordan Center - Penn State University, University Park, PA

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Show Reviews

User: ajl156
Front row. Awesome. Slept outside for 3 nights to get the seats for this one. Worth it for sure. Too bad you can't do this anymore with all of the lotteries and what not.

User: leonard530
Only had to sleep outside for one night to get tickets, which I guess doesn't happen anymore. Nothing like spending the night on the sidewalk with a few hundred college kids... Setlist was great, I remember how crazy the Stefan Watchtower intro sounded at the time- now its become such a fixture, but I remember most people not knowing what was going on at the time. We all bought copies of the Recently EP from the arena vendors afterwards to hear Watchtower again.

User: lightner22
Great show. PSU was crazy, Stefan was great.

User: mrmattphisto
Dave and the band were smooth and passionate. Great Setlist.


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