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Dave Matthews Band
November 13, 1996
Lawler Event Center - University of Nevada at Reno, Reno, NV

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Show Reviews

User: azdmbfan
Sorry not seek up ... Minarets. This is 1 of 2 times I've heard this live.

User: clifflange
This was actually my very first Dave show and the highlight was the fact that hardly anyone was even there and I was about 15 feet from Dave the entire night. I was wearing this hideous orange hawaiian shirt and at one point Dave came over pointed at my shirt and gave me a little nod. I was obviously pretty excited and since then I've been a huge fan.

User: davefanfromreno
First DMB show. Too bad they'll never come back.

First show ever! I was 15 years old

User: esb556
DMB will never return to Reno. The crowd was way too small. That being said, this was a very energetic show. Plus, G-Love opened (very cool). Dave shared some words of wisdom about gambling... "It's not that I don't enjoy it (gambling), it is that I ALWAYS F*&%ING LOSE!"

User: kevhale24
Ah, my first DMB show. Only one of my friends would go with me to see them. We tried to get others to join us, but they weren't fans. My friend and I were casual fans, just going because it was something to do. That all changed after this show. Sad to say, I dont remember too much of it (it was 12 years ago), but I do remember the feeling of euphoria afterwards. My friend and I became HUGE fans and even convinced others to join us two years later when they came to Shoreline. They, in turn, all became huge fans themselves after that show.

User: twostepstobliss
Superb,Superb,Superb! Very small audience for how big the band was at the time. G-Love and special sauce sucked but DMB was incredible!!!


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