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Show Reviews
Dave Matthews Band
December 6, 1996
John Savage Hall - University of Toledo, Toledo, OH

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Show Reviews

User: Aberlour
This was my fist DMB show. I had just started getting into DMB prior to the release of Crash. Then crash came out with songs like Two Step and Lie in our Graves. I've been hooked since. This concert cemented DMB as my favorite band, stripping Rusted Root of their throne. I've been to many concerts since, but none compared to this one, even though Dave was suffering from laryngitis at this show. They opened with the old Won Suite Whirled intro...it was then that i realized these guys were geniuses. This was the last time I heard DMB play Two Step, i've prayed for it at every show since, and never get it...i may stop going soon. This was with one of the older two step endings, with him shouting wildly at the end....awesome. Simply awesome. I'd do anything to go back in time to see this show again. It didn't even sell out...no wonder he hasn't been to Toledo since.

User: BonerStabone
I remember Dave saying his voice was hoarse. Other than that, this show was dope - and I smoked dope - and made out with hot babes. Overall, 5 out of 5.

User: jet2dmb
me vanza, kimmy and lauren. great show. floor seats could have been better. 7 foot tall guy in front of me and vanza the whole show. minarets was the best part of the show. it was a first for me. granny and typical were also great.

User: Johnedmb
Small venue. Made our way up front for encore

User: mccaulj
My first DMB show....What a night!

User: rickymaves
My first show. It was amazing. I can remember a bad ass Tripping Billies.

User: Rnelso31
2nd show and 2nd row center. Unreal.

User: stgeorg3
1st Show always the best!!!

User: tim_brandt
This was my first DMB show. What stands out to me was the mellow opening. It truly fit the mood of the season - winter in Ohio. I would go on to see many more dmb shows, but none with the same pace as this one. I enjoyed the "slow" start and remember dancing with a crowd at the bottom of the stairs from the side stage for the thrilling conclusion.

User: ucrushedme
I had already seen the band twice earlier that year, and wasn't planning to go - although I wanted to cuz I was deep in love with the music. I was getting ready for work - 6:30am - heard an ad on the radio, "due to stage configuration arrangements, good tickets have become available . . . call blah, blah, blah, NOW! My girlfriend (now wife) rolled her eyes when I called to tell her we were going again. A great show, in a great little gymnasium, possibly my favorite . . .

User: utah
First DMB show i was at and it was the best one


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