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Dave Matthews Band
August 11, 1995
Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA

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Show Reviews

User: boldt#41
My very first show. I drove from south lake tahoe, the car broke down halfway there and we barley made the show. But worth everything. The tribute to Jerry was felt by all that night and it was a great moment in DMB history. This venue is special.

User: calidmbfan
first show. changed my world forever.

User: gankmore
It was a hard night to be at the Greek, with Jerry's recent passing. DMB as an opener in Vegas had a big impact on a lot of heads, and I think many of us showed up at the Greek with Vegas still pretty fresh in our minds. Eyes doesn't hold up real well on the tape I've heard, but it was an amazing moment. It was too much for my friend so we went back stage where 2 generations of Healy's (as in Dan Healy) were hanging out. My friend to Healy's grandkid: So you're a third generation Healty? Yep. So aren't you a little hissy? What? Hard night, but a great show.

User: onesweetpuck
Amazing - my first show, too, and at the perfect venue [great energy there - people & setting]. I was floored through the whole show by the new loves of my life... Dead tribute was special to say the least. Classic show IMHO from start to finish. PLEASE someone convince them to "Live Trax" this one!

User: quikzilver
My first Dave show, although I was already a fan of "Under the Table and Dreaming". As a long time Dead Head, it was very special that Dave chose to do "Eyes of the World", since this was within 48 hours of Jerry's death. It was a very sad time... A nice tribute & although the version seemed a little tricky for the Band, my friends and I were touched.

User: TGaucho
1st Dave show, . . freaking awsome. Turned me into a lifelong fan. Need I saw more?


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