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Dave Matthews Band
August 20, 1995
Live Trax Volume 60, Cincinnati Music Hall, Cincinnati, OH

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Show Reviews

User: mtheibert
Friend ran naked across the stage....hilarious.

User: ukrocks97
This was my first DMB gig. I was very famillar with R2T and UTTAD but they played a bunch of stuff I didn't know. At the time that detracted from the experience but I have to say I was an idiot because I look at the setlist now and salivate, I just didn't fully appreciate what I was seeing and hearing. Coupled with the fact that this is a small venue (less than 5,000 seats maybe even less than 4,000 seats)it just kills me. I have however over the years lived this show over vicariously thru RR95 and now even more so with LT5. I remember David Ryan Harris really lighting up on R&R (Jimi also but especially R&R) when I heard R&R on LT5 it took me right back. I had heard a portion of the 2-24-95 show from Roseland Ballroom so I was familiar with Say Goodbye. I told a bunch of my friends there would be a song that would just blow you all away but I didn't tell them the name at the end of the gig they commented on it. Great gig if you can find a copy of it. I'm still trying. -T (aka ukrocks97)


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