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Dave Matthews Band
October 1, 1995
Farm Aid, Cardinal Stadium, Louisville, KY

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Show Reviews

User: Bentley
The cherry breaker. An addiction was born.

User: cat4125
A Great old show and not rare songs but a good energetic show.

User: dania93
My first!

User: ditty_71
My first show.

User: drslim
My first intro to DMB. Little did I know I would end up loving this band so much.
Other fav memory of Farm Aid was yelling "HEY Hootie!!!" @ Hootie and the Blowfish.

User: hmeier41
my first DMB concert, and i basically was in line for beer their whole set!! remember being pumped to see neil young, mellencamp, and hootie....DMB wasn't on my radar yet but knew a few of their radio hits. remember hearing WWYS and ANTS from the beer line...oh how times have changed!!

User: hotniks160
Not bad long time ago and bad seats but hey it was worth it..it was DMB

User: joshcarolina
Great show,1st DMB show i saw.Dave had his red flannel pants on and the whole band did farm aid this 1st yr they joined.Watchtower was sweet,but so was Ants and jimi thing.lol this was my 1st taste o dave and when they started Jimi thing i was like cool they are gonna play the doobie brothers"its still music".was plaeasantly suprised at what came after that,was hooked for life!

User: joshmorgeson
I was there. It was the first show I saw dave. It was the first day of the rest of my life. I found music bliss that day.... WOW

User: larnerlaw
This was my First Dave show ever. In 1995 many people still didn't know who dmb was. It was the 1st time I ever heard Ants.

User: MrMarchingants
My very first Concert ever my very first Live showing of DMB by far the best to play from my perspective other bands seen at the venue were Blackhawk Hootie n the blowfish a lot of local bands unbelievable music at Carxial stadium i lived in Lexington My at the time the only reason I would go to Louisville would be to see DMV it totally cemented my love for the music for the band and the experience

User: NaClH2Ocapo
to short!

User: ukrocks97
My 2nd show. At the time I was really pumped because I didn't hear WWYS in Cincy a month or so earlier. I didn't appreciate DIDO or Watchtower at the time. Again I'm an idiot. They played great tho. Anyone notice that Timmy was playing guitar in the background? -T Also as far as the rest of the show. Neil Young was absolutely terrible. And I was looking forward to his set too. Most people left at that point, he was just that bad.

User: Xavid
My first DMB show. Unfortunately I do not really have much to report as I was in the endless port-a-potty line for most of their set. I was in line for about 1 &1/2 hours. I was not at the time any more than a casual fan prior - just had heard a few songs - and was there actually more to see other acts. I remember being impressed by their version of All Along The Watchtower - first time I heard the DMB version. Also I remember the joy of Ants Marching as the final song. I wonder if anyone else had the same problems with the potty line. I was on the floor of the stadium - and there was no access to gates/regular seats of the stadium, where there wer plenty of bathrooms. They had, I believe, only 6 portable pots on the floor area (where thousands were seated/stood).


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