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Dave Matthews Band
April 23, 1994
Sigma Chi Fraternity - West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV

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Show Reviews

User: Jwcdds
two short sets with a visit to the band van between sets ;) 1st set 5 of us stood in front of the stage and had our own personal show. Frat party slowly migrated from their yard games over to the stage and by the middle of the second set, everyone was hooked and the power of DMB was evident.

User: kittyb
This was my absolute FIRST DMB show. I don't really remember the set list but, I do remember they were up on a wooden platform stage and they rocked!!!!!!!! I've seen them 56 time since.

User: lid2lid2
My favorite show...bright sunny day in Morgantown at Derby Days courtesy of Sigma Chi. Cases and cases of semi-warm natural light. And for some odd reason, donuts. Sigma Chi's had donuts there. Weird. Dave and crew were on a wooden stage, and as far as songs played, i can only verify warehouse. Me and two buddies got into chickenfights in a mudpit by the stage during the show. Most fun. What a time. If you have this show, please do give a heads up...been looking for years for it.

User: pharmacist25
Only second time seeing him. Great show. Talk ed to Carter for a second. Beautiful Day.

User: trippinbillie73
First time seeing DMB, they put on a great show! Don't really remember all the songs warehouse, and satellite. I have been to 15 shows since, and always a great time!

Don't really remember a whole lot about it (too many Natty Lights), but this was my first DMB show. My next one would be during the '95 UTTAD tour in Pittsburgh.


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