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Dave Matthews Band
July 27, 1994
Hammerjacks, Baltimore, MD

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Show Reviews

User: DTWinslow
Snuck in, saw a couple songs and got thrown out. I was nine at the time. Great night.

User: hmmmm
The first show that started it all for me. My sister, who was a student at JMU at the time, dragged me along to ol' Hammerjack's for the show and I used a fake ID to get in. I still thank her to this day.

User: mpyne
Didn't know them at the time, left a huge fan and been to countless shows all over ever since. great show from what I remember - college + beer

User: thebert9
my memory of this show is vague. I was but a youngun. I remember walking in and the band was sitting on the steps to the left right when you went in. the only other thing I remember is that boyd sang a song. I think it was true reflections, but I cant be sure. its not listed in the setlist so who knows. word.


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