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Dave Matthews Band
January 19, 1997
Bill Clinton Presidential Inaugural Ball, USAir Arena, Landover, MD

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Show Reviews

User: mheath26
born + raised in dc, and been to practically every IB -- never was happier to be at any political event~ just never wanted 'too much' to end but they shredded the whole scene. the only band to get everyone -- old farts included --dancing (or at least bouncing)... wished they could have played longer...

User: tfxf2
Actually went to the rehearsal show the night before. Pretty much all of the celebrities that appeared for the live show didn't show up, and were replaced by stand-ins. DMB was the one of the few actual musical performances that night, and they actually did three songs for Chelsea and her classmates, who looked pretty psyched about the special performance. Pretty sure the setlist was Too Much, Crash, and Ants, but the last one might have been SMTS. It was the only time of the night everyone got out of their seats. I also was at the White House earlier that day and saw the boys with their girlfriends coming out after having met Clinton.


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