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Dave Matthews Band
May 2, 2002
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Selma, TX

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Show Reviews

User: 41granny
San Antonio is always a disapointed crowd,nice show thanks to the band to play their heart out.

User: aekappa2
Great Show, started strong with Don't Drink the Water and didn't let up all the way through All Along the Watchtower. Long Black Veil was especially personal and worth noting. Crush remains all time favorite though after seeing it live.

User: amyheartsdmb
wow!!!! this is probably the best DMB show that i have seen...i went totally nuts when they started to play drive in drive out...i NEVER thought they would play that song and of course it rocked. this whole set list was just absolutely amazing and incredible!

User: Boxster226
Great show, loved crush....

User: CarCas

User: cte515
After taking my last 3 finals before the show lets just say I celebrated. The times that I remember were great!!!

User: cummins7
Fun Show!

User: Davemband0
Awesome setlist. Amazing

User: digitaldj
Great setlist, but the crowd was sort of poor. Mainly comprised of what you might consider "new" fans who were most likely brought in because of "Everyday's" commercial success. "Watchtower" closer was frickin awesome with Boyd fiddling through a wah-pedal. "Pig" was a wonderful surprise and Dave-solo "Long Black Veil" was moving. "Crush" another great jam. The rest was standard stuff. DDTW (this song almost never changes), SMTS (with no Bridge!), IDI (grr), Space Between and Ants (VERY basic.) There were some lesser played songs here that should have had the crowd going nuts: Granny, You Never Know, GIG, OSW, Pig, etc, but the crowd was really unresponsive. The stands were in a constant state of movement, very few people stood and many just talked loudly to each other. DMB probably didn't feel all that welcome and gave a less than stellar show as a result. An example: The next day at my job, I saw overheard two girls talking about the show. It went something like this: Girl 1: I went to the Dave Matthews show last night. Girl 2: Oh yeah how was it?!?!? Girl 1: It sucked. They didn't play Crash. And every song was soooo, long. Ugh. I rest my case.

User: GoodDayIIDie
It was decent, but lacked a certain something. Dave always plays shows that are a little eccentric here and the fans aren't the greatest...

User: gunneralaska
The show was terrific! My husband flew to Texas with me to see the show. After the show he said, "This was definetly worth flying all the was to Texas to see." He isn't a big fan and for him to say that was saying allot.

User: haylesdmb
I miss San Antonio shows. They were always my favorite Texas shows!

User: janelikesdmb
Heard Pig and Crush for the first time. GRANNY! Long Black Veil, didn't get to appreciate it the first time I heard it. Fool To Think was definately another highlight. Great evening.

User: JimiZen
Although the San Antonio crowd never totally appreciates the band's energy as a whole.... those who do make these shows what they are, even in Selma. The music was amazing, and the band, as always played their hearts out.

User: melsrvec

User: nickcua
love the DDTW opener, Crush and Pig hell yeah.

User: rmcbeth
good show, writing review in 2006 :)

User: tcbartender
very good show for my first. I had great seats orch 3 R6. Awsome

User: wonderwes
Dave in true form.

User: younevrknow
amazing crush ants = incredible watchtower. enough said.

User: ziggeydmb420
My first DMB show I ever attended.


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