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Dave Matthews Band
July 29, 1994
Bottle And Cork, Dewey Beach, DE

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Show Reviews

User: Amd1994
I starting listening to DMB while attending Roanoke College.I lived in Ocean City MD in the summer of 1994 with 7 friends & a guy I worked with at Seacrets asked me & a friend if we wanted to go to this DMB show.We were so psyched!After the show I couldn't find the guy that drove us so I started talking to one of the roadies - he brought us out back where the band & my friend were hanging out! We hung out and partied with Dave & the band until 3am! One guy that came with us switched tshirts w/ Dave Matthews! I talked to Dave about the Under the Table and Dreaming album due out in September. One of their roadies gave us a ride home & the rest of the band took off to drive to VA for a show they had the next night. It was an amazing experience and Dave, Boyd and Carter were so nice! :^)

User: GetOnTheBoat
My first show!About
15 minutes from my house. They had played a couple of shows at my school
the year before (I graduated in 1991) and one of my best friends (who
was two years behind me) went to both of them and was totally blown away
by the band. He called me up to rave about them the day after the second show. I forgot all about it until 07.29.94, when as luck would have it, he was visiting me here at the beach and we were driving by the Bottle & Cork when we see "Tonight Dave Matthews Band" on the marquee and he almost drives off the road screaming "DUDE, THAT IS THE BAND I WAS TELLING YOU ABOUT, WE HAVE TO GO!!!" So we go to the show (I think the ticket was $5!!!!) and the place is packed and it seemed like everybody knew the songs except me. I had never heard them before, so I can't say what they played (and I have never found a set list of the show). I was really impressed with the bands talent, especially Carter and Dave (When I saw Dave, I was thinking, "nice pants dude, did you just get out of bed?"). Anyway, I got distracted by a smokin' hottie who totally picked me up. She was there with three of her friends and they all turn out to be Washington Redskin cheerleaders. My buddy and I left with them after the show and had a very memorable night that led to about four years of summer fun with those ladies. The kicker is that am a Philly Eagles fan! It wasn't until three years later that I saw the band again, but I have been going ever since!

User: rbp27
Finally someone lists this show with a date! IT was at the Bottle and Cork and the place was packed. It was my intro to DMB so unfortunatly I have no idea what songs the played, but I do remember that it was fun.

User: riley3
Oh boy what a night!


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